Transfer Field "Research and Development with Society"

"This transfer field encompasses public interest projects in which external partners actively co-shape and co-develop research questions, processes, and solutions. These collaborations offer valuable insights for research, empowering partners to act. Project goals are achieved thanks to co-creative formats and the involvement of co-researchers. External partners span a wide societal spectrum, ranging from non-profit organizations, civil society actors, municipalities, patients, and citizens to policymakers, cultural entities, and businesses. This approach is characterized by its focus on the common good and freedom from service transactions and stark utilizationism. The involvement and empowerment of external partners, along with a commitment to making an impact, are key aspects of this collaborative approach based on equality and mutual respect.

Thematic Focus: Transformation and Sustainability

Thematic Focus: Education, Teaching, Schools and Socialization

Thematic focus: Europe / Society, politics and culture