Hope & Despair

The German-Danish cooperation project “Hope & Despair” will bring seven World War II museums, memorial sites and tourist agencies as well as three universities together to align communication and attract national and international visitors. The EUF team of researchers will contribute to thematic “experience packages” by tying the stories of seven geographically close museums. The project will begin in May 2023 and will run for three years. It is supported by Interreg 6A Deutschland-Danmark with a total of around 2 Mio Euros.

Weitere Informationen: https://www.interreg-de-dk.eu/news-events/news/detail/3-neue-projekte-fuer-eine-attraktive-region/


World War II, Erinnerungskultur, Tourismus
01.05.2023 - 30.04.2026
Institution der EUF
Interdisziplinäres Europaforschungszentrum (ICES)



Interreg 6A Deutschland-Danmark