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Digitales Netzwerk über die Welt gespannt

Knowledge Transfer at Europa-Universität Flensburg

What Exactly is the "Third Mission"

At EUF, knowledge transfer is understood the so-called "Third Mission" (teaching and research are first and second missions, respectively) and broadly viewed from at least three perspectives. From an economic perspective, knowledge transfer involves applying academic knowledge from university findings to economic endeavors, such as those associated with new startups and collaborative work with established businesses - especially those within the region.

Then there is the socio-political perspective. Here, EUF's three core research areas - Education, Teaching, School and Socialization, European Studies, and Transformation and Sustainability - provide a framework for addressing issues central to political discourses at the state, national, and EU levels. Providing this expertise to decision-makers is the second major focus area of EUF's knowledge transfer efforts.

The third perspective has to do with the importance of communication within and with civil society, especially at the local and regional levels. Here it seems essential to view the university as part of civil society, and thus as an actor in relevant discussions.

What are "Transfer Fields"?

EUF is involved in a wide range of knowledge transfer activities. To classify these various activities, we use the transfer fields defined by the Transfer Barometer. A joint effort of the Stifterverband and the Helmholtz Association, the barometer is supported by the Mercator Foundation and the van Meeteren Foundation.

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