Water-Energy Nexus Jordan


Modeling, Scenario Development, Jordan, MCDA, participatory workshop


Countries with high water scarcity, such as Jordan, are at an energy and even more importantly water crossroad, while the demand for water, electricity and socio-economic development is constantly increasing, it is also important to respond to challenges enhanced by climate change and political transformation processes and instabilities in the region. In addition to the use of fossil resources (coal, gas, oil) a steady expansion of the use of renewable energy sources could be one of the central strategies for expanding the supply of electricity. Furthermore, hybrid solutions, such as floating PV on dams and surface water to power pumps and reduce the evaporations rate need to be integrated in the future water and energy system. 

In order to identify the optimal pathway of future power generation that is (i) cost effective, (ii) conducive to multiple development goals, (iii) conflict sensitive, e.g. aiming at higher energy independence and (iv) socially accepted, dialogue between both sectors is needed to tackle common challenges. 

To generate combined solutions for e.g. the increasing water scarcity and energy demand, this project aims at accompanying the dialogue between both sectors using an innovative and trans-disciplinary approach combining scenario development, empirical data research, multi-criteria analysis and consistently participatory processes as well as modeling training sessions for involved stakeholders. 


17.06.2019 - 16.06.2020