Veröffentlichungen und Vorträge



·       Dimensions of Shared Agency: A Study on Collective and Group Intentional Action. Wilmington (DE - USA): Vernon Press 2021.

Special issues

·       Sulla complicità [On Complicity], special issue of La Società degli Individui, 69 (forthcoming);

·       with V. Bizzari, T. Tambassi, Filosofia e Collettività. Prospettive a Confronto [The Philosophy of Collectivity], special issue of Quaderni della Ginestra, 22, 2018. ISSN: 2240 – 337X


·       «Introduction» [forthcoming in La Società degli Individui, n.69, On Complicity]

·       «Two Interpretations of Gilbert’s Plural-Subject Account» [forthcoming in La Rivista di Estetica];


·       «Quale collettività? Risposte dall'Ontologia Sociale» [What notion of Collectivity? Insights from Social Ontology], in Quaderni della Ginestra, special issue 22, 2018, pp. 41-51;

·       with V. Bizzari, T. Tambassi, «Introduzione» [Introduction], in Quaderni della Ginestra, special issue, 22, 2018, pp. 4-5.

·       «Michael Thompson», Aphex, 16, 2017;

·       «Ragione morale e razionalità strategica» [Moral reason and strategic rationality], in Quaderni della Ginestra, 18, 2016, pp. 51-55.

·   from English to Italian: G. Brennan, P. Pettit, «The Hidden Economy of Esteem», in Economics and Philosophy, 16 (2000), 77-98, Cambridge University Press. Published in La società degli individui, 58, 2017/1, pp. 99-123. Title: «L'economia nascosta della stima».


  • University of Neuchâtel, July 2020, online conference, Social Ontology 2020. Talk: "Structuralism about group agency.
  • Europa Universität Flensburg, 14/12/19, Workshop Group agency and collective responsibility. Talk: "A metaphysical approach to group agency".
  • University of Tampere, 22-24/08/19, Social Ontology 2019. Talk: "Could distribution resist reduction?".
  • University of Vienna, 16-18/08/2018, workshop "Layers of Collective Intentionality". Talk: "Group agency and layers of intentionality".
  • Manchester University, 11-13/09/2017, MANCEPT Workshop. Talk: "Ontological individualism, group agency and responsibility".