Transnational Indigenous Perspectives

This book series, published by Routledge, explores both indigenous perspectives that are explicitly transnational and transnational perspectives on indigenous topics. As such, it is committed to fostering and presenting high-quality research in the area of Indigenous Studies, addressing historical and contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural issues concerning the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Europe, Australasia, and the larger Pacific region. The series is thus not limited to one particular methodological approach, but looks at the highly dynamic and growing field of Indigenous Studies that is of central interest for a range of different disciplines.
It is a peer-reviewed book series for monographs and collections, co-edited by Birgit Däwes, Karsten Fitz, and Sabine Meyer.
Members of the series' advisory board include Chadwick Allen (University of Washington); Philip J. Deloria (Harvard University), Christian Feest (em., Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt); Hsinya Huang (National Sun Yat-Sen University).


Indigenous Studies, Indigenitätsforschung, Native American, First Nations, Amerikanistik
01.05.2015 - laufend
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Hauptverantwortliche Personen:

  • Birgit Däwes
  • Karsten Fitz
  • Sabine Meyer


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