Transfer Field: Entrepreneurship

"This transfer field refers to the application of one’s own ideas, knowledge, research results and developments in the form of founding new companies, both private and nonprofit. It is supported by teaching entrepreneurial thinking as an expertise in problem-solving and design competency, as well as business startup skills and knowledge. This process starts with raising awareness, moves on to refining the business idea, and culminates in market entry. Curricular teaching and research are excluded, unless they are explicitly geared toward a specific start-up project immediately prior to its launch."

Dock1 Startup Support

Accessible both digitally and on-site in the ground floor of the Audimax, Dock1 is your go-to place on campus for self-employment and starting a business. A joint institution of Europa-Universität Flensburg and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, the Dock1 Incubator provides free support to all students and university employees on a range of topics, including:

  • Developing and prototyping ideas (e.g., in the FabLab IDEENREICH)
  • Developing business models and creating business plans
  • Registering trades and freelance self-employment
  • Founding associations and companies
  • Registering patents and trademarks
  • Marketing products and selling services
  • Supporting and mentoring, especially for founders
  • Financing ventures and securing start-up grants
  • Growing start-up networks and pursuing internationalization

Dock1 also regularly hosts exciting workshops and start-up lectures, provides free workstations in the ground floor of the Audimax, and grants access to Flensburg's start-up community.

Dock1's impressive numbers speak for themselves:

  • Approximately 70 supported start-up projects per year
  • Approximately 160,000 euros in funding acquired by start-ups per year
  • 150m2 Dock1 coworking space in the Audimax (UG)
  • Approximately 480 participants at Dock1 events per year

If the Dock1 team can't directly answer your question, it can refer you to the cross-border network VentureWærft and the state network StartUp SH .

To learn more about Dock1's startup support, please visit the VentureWærft homepage, call (0461 805 1496), or email (

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