Bild von Verbandskästen und Auffindschema an einer Wand von Gebäude Helsinki
Bild von Verbandskästen und Auffindschema an einer Wand von Gebäude Helsinki

First Aid: Instructions and Information

For medical emergencies, there are first aid kits and defibrillators in the main university buildings. Here we explain how to use these aids and where to find them. You can also see the locations of the defibrillators directly on the campus map.

The videos below will show you what a typical first aid kit contains and how a defibrillator works.


Important phone numbers and contacts:

Rescue Coordination Center (Emergency): 0 112
Emergency medical aid: 0 812 0 (DIAKO)
Occupational health and safety worker’s compensation doctors (for employees):

Dr. med. Clemens Zahn
Mürwiker Str. 89

0 36001

First aid training: 
(for employees) 
Benno Prinz [40403]

For all questions/messages/suggestions about first aid at EUF, please email

If you are calling from a university phone, dial 0 first. This prefix does not apply if you are dialing from a German landline.

What to do if I come across a person who may be unconscious: (German)

First aid kits

First aid kits can be found in many places at the European University Flensburg. In this video, the contents of a first aid kit are presented and some important instructions for use are given.

(German only)


Oslo (OSL) in front of OSL 044 at the AED
  OSL 063 Post office/telephone exchange
  OSL 148 First aid room
  in front of OSL 243
  in front of OSL 349
  in front of OSL 447
  in front of OSL 549
  in front of OSL 649
Dublin (DUB) DUB 002
  DUB 202 Corridor
Göteborg (GOT) GOT 011 Corridor
Madrid (MAD) Entrance new building part
  MAD 098 Seminar room
  MAD 117 Corridor
  in front of MAD 126
  MAD 210 First aid room
  in front of MAD 216
  Workshop laboratory, automotive service
Central library (ZHB) ZHB 26 First aid room, ground floor north
  2nd floor in front of the WC's
  Studibox Corridor
RIGA 1 - 9 RIG 116 Kitchenette
  RIG 219 Corridor
  RIG 319 Corridor
  RIG 402 Kitchenette
  RIG 510 Kitchenette
  RIG 610 Kitchenette
  RIG 703a Kitchenette
  RIG 803 Kitchenette
  RIG 901 Work/seminar room
Helsinki (HEL) HEL 037 First aid room
  in front of HEL 150
  in front ofHEL 201
  in front ofHEL 301
Flens-Arena (LUX) LUX 005.1 First aid room
  Extension fitness center
Amsterdam AMS 018 Corridor
Campelle in the entrance area
Tallinn TAL 3 Corridor
Trondheim TRO 1 Corridor
  TRO 2 Corridor
Vilnius 1 + 2 VIL 1 Corridor
  VIL 2 Corridor
Modul 1 Rote Str. Kitchenette
Ostseelabor in the entrance area
Fahrensodde at surfboard camp

Defibrillators (AED)

In the event of circulatory arrest, an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) can save lives. Learn how to properly use the AEDs located at Europa University in this video.

(German only)


Dublin (DUB) DUB 002 Flur
Flens-Arena (LUX) Entrance hall Nordost
Helsinki (HEL) Entrance hall, next to the toilets
Madrid (MAD) Copier, MAD 116c
Oslo (OSL) Entrance hall, next to the entrance door
Riga (RIG) RIG 609 Exterior wall
Tallinn (TAL) First floor, next to the disabled WC
Central library (ZHB) Foyer on the ground floor, by the toilets