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Bild einer Vertragsunterzeichnung

Partner Memberships

Partner memberships are a special kind of cooperation between universities. They enable university lecturers from other universities to actively engage in teaching and research at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Following an application and review process, secondary memberships are granted for a 5-year period, which can be extended.

Europa-Universität Flensburg has been cooperating with state universities of applied sciences within the context of partner memberships since 2012. Our partner memberships with Kiel University of Applied Sciences and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences have proven to be a constant in recent years. EUF continues to seek partner memberships with universities of applied science for research-oriented professorships associated with the right to confer doctoral degrees.

Our current partner members:

Name Name of home university
Prof. Dr. Torsten Faber Hochschule Flensburg
Prof. Dr. Tobias Hochscherf Fachhochschule Kiel
Prof. Dr. Clemens Jauch Hochschule Flensburg
Prof. Dr. Bernd Eisenstein FH Westküste
Prof. Dr. Hanno Kirsch FH Westküste
Prof. Dr. Patrick Rupert-Kruse Fachhochschule Kiel
Prof. Dr. Claudia Werner Hochschule Flensburg

More information in the declaration of cooperation: