Bild eines mit rotem Band abgesperrten Fahrstuhls
Bild eines mit rotem Band abgesperrten Fahrstuhls

Emergency, Malfunctions, damages and technical problems | damage reports

Please use our online damage report form to report any technical disturbances, malfunctions or damages to the interior or exterior of an EUF building:

Report a technical disturbance, malfunction or damage

During office hours:

During office hours, you can also dial the internal university hotline at 2222 or send an email to We will then forward your message to the responsible departments as quickly as possible.

Outside of office hours:

EUF’s internal damage response service is not available outside office hours. In case of urgent problems outside office hours, please contact our security service Sicherheit Nord (phone: 0461 - 90 2000).

In case of emergency, please contact the police (phone: 110) or fire/rescue services (phone: 112). If you are calling from on campus, dial 0-110 or 0-112.

More information on the intranet [26954]

Form to report a technical malfunction or damage:

Details about the damage/malfunction:
Your contact information:
Final Step: