Geoff Parker holds an MA in Philosophy and English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a DPhil in Literature with Philosophy & Sociology from the Universität Flensburg. He taught at Edinburgh University, the Bildungswissenschaftliche Hochschule Flensburg and the University of South Denmark before appointment as Senior Lecturer in English at the Universität Flensburg in 1999. He teaches modern English, Irish and Scottish literature and cultural research with particular interest in writings of the 'long' Scottish Enlightenment from Hume and Thomson to Byron and Ferrier, eighteenth and twentieth century transcultural fiction and poetry.

Born in Bangor, Co. Down, and educated at Armagh, Heidelberg and Edinburgh, he has lived in continental Europe since 1988. From 1981-93, he was editor and editorial board member of the influential Scottish literary and critical journal Cencrastus. He was contributing editor to the German eco-journal Appropriate Technology Forum in the later 90s and editor of the Zeitschrift für Kultur- und Bildungswissenschaften until 2009.