Simplified Login to External Websites (Shibboleth)


What is Shibboleth?

We've all been there: You stumble upon an interesting online service, only to face the hassle of creating yet another account and remembering one more password. Enter Shibboleth.

EUF students and staff can use Shibboleth to conveniently and comfortably access online resources offered by external websites. Just select our university from the list and type in your usual EUF login coordinates to get instant access to numerous third-party websites. Many academic institutions, libraries, and publishing houses offer their services through Shibboleth.

In short: If a site has "Shibboleth" as a login option, you don't need to set up a new username and password for that site. Simply use your university login credentials. It's all streamlined through a secure university server.

Other terms for Shibboleth

Different services use their own terms for this type of authentication. When logging into external platforms, keep an eye out for terms like:

  • Shibboleth
  • Athens
  • Access Management Federation
  • Login via institution

Access data

To access Shibboleth, use the same username and password as you do at your PC workstation. Check out the access Access Data page for more details.

Available online resources

Available online resources

Online resource WAYFless-URL
Business Source Premier Link
IBZ Online Link
Literary Reference Center Link
MLA International Bibliography Link
PsycINFO Link
PSYNDEX: Literature and Audiovisual Media with PSYNDEX Tests Link

For services with a WAYFless URL, the link takes you directly to the login page without having to select your institution first.

This list is not exhaustive and will continue to grow.