MAXQDA - A software solution for qualitative data analysis



The MAXQDA software is widely used at Europa-Universität Flensburg for qualitative data analysis.


  1. Network/commuter licences are intended exclusively for students and doctoral candidates.
  2. Single-user licences can be purchased for a fee by the institutes or facilities and are intended for EUF employees.

Students cannot personally purchase licenses via ZIMT.

EUF institutes and projects can purchase their own MAXQDA licenses via ZIMT (German only) for themselves and their student/academic assistants.

How to use MAXDQ

General rules

  1. For licensing reasons, network licenses can only be lent to members of the EUF. This especially includes doctoral students (PhD students), who are either enrolled doctoral students or have an employment contract at the university.
  2. You can also use the software off-campus.
  3. Only a limited number of loan licences are available.

    In extreme cases, this may mean that no free licences are available at the time of use. In this case, you can either try again at a later date or purchase a private or institute licence.

How to get to the software portal:

To install MAXQDA on your computer, please log in to the software portal with your normal network access data. Select ‘MAQDA’ as the desired product and strictly follow the setup/installation instructions given there.

To the ‘Academic Software’ portal

Important: Book a period of use!

Whenever you want to use MAXQDA, you must activate your current IP address. This is easily done in the software portal with a click (Fig. 1).

Within the next 24 hours, you will reach the license server from your current IP address. If you change your network or the usage period has expired, you will need to rebook.


Use of MAXQDA rental licences

05/27/2024 568 KB (PDF)

Instructions for the use of MAXQDA rental licences


Demo and Private purchase

Demo and Private purchase of MAXQDA

In addition to borrowing MAXQDA licenses through EUF, students and doctoral students can also purchase it privately at discounted rates. See the MAXQDA website for further information. Please note the license terms and conditions.

It is also possible to test a fully functional demo version of MAXQDA for  14-days.

Institutions may not purchase of student licenses, and private software may not be installed on EUF work computers for licensing reasons.

Contact person

Contact person at Academic Software

If you have any questions about installation, licence activation and activation, please contact the Academic Software helpdesk:

If Academic Software is unable to help you, you can contact the ZIMT-Servicedesk.