SPSS - Statistics and Analysis Software

Current information:

The SPSS instructions below are provisional, as the AcademicSoftware portal is still undergoing some changes. The appearance of the portal interface may change.

As of January 14, 2024:

  • Problems with SPSS on the MacOS 14 operating system 
    • We cannot fix these; please contact IBM support.
  • Older Mac operating systems are also experiencing problems with the current SPSS version 29
  • There are workarounds in the Internet, which require setting changes deep within the operating system of a device. 
    • Please do not change any such settings on university inventory devices.
    • We also warn against this for private devices.
  • Version 30, awaited since late December 2023, should fix the problems.

Software installation and activation

Use the quick start guide below to install and activate the SPSS software, step by step. The installation runs via the Academic Software portal.

Open Academic Software portal

SPSS installation quick start guide

User Guide - SPSS Loan Licenses

02/01/2024 1 MB (PDF)

Install and activate SPSS software