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SPSS Statistics software is widely used at Europa-Universität Flensburg for statistical data analysis.

In addition to the institute's own licenses and versions installed in computer rooms, there are a number of freely available, centrally financed licenses that students can borrow for a limited period of time.

Download borrower's license (German only)


  1. SPSS is available in the public computer labs for free use.
  2. Network licenses are for students and doctoral students only. To use network licenses, you must log in with your computer in the university's network. This can also be done "from outside" via VPN.
  3. Single-user licenses can be purchased by the institutes or institutions and are intended for EUF employees.

Students cannot personally purchase licenses via ZIMT.

EUF institutes and projects can purchase their own SPSS licenses via ZIMT (German only) for themselves and their student/academic assistants.


The ZWW regularly offers introductory and advanced training in SPSS for academic staff (wissenschaftliche Beschäftigte) and doctoral students. More information can be found on the ZWW webpages.

Lending Rules

Lending rules

  1. For licensing reasons, network licenses may only be lent to members of EUF. This includes doctoral students who are either enrolled or contractually employed at EUF.
  2. The maximum loan period for network licenses is usually 6 months.
  3. The loan period can only be extended if licenses are still available at the time of the request. The maximum extension period is one month. Users can request up to two extensions. 
  4. You will always receive the latest version of SPSS. 
  5. The software can be used abroad.
  6. Only a limited number of licenses are available for loan (see the tab "Overview"). In extreme cases, this may mean that no free licenses are available when you submit your request. In that case, you can either wait or purchase a private license.
  7. As an exception, borrowed SPSS licenses may be temporarily blocked during EUF exam periods in order to make them available for exams requiring more licenses. This is only necessary in extreme cases and for a very limited time.
  8. Only the rules listed on this page apply.

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