Audiovisual Equipment: Borrowing and Training

AV Service Workshops - Find out more!
  • Workshop I (in German): Camcorder [20880]
  • Workshop II (in German): Audiorecorder
Reduced service hours

From May 9 through June 9, the AV Service will have limited services.

During this period, we are not available for trainings or advising. Please allow 7 days for delivery of ordered equipment. Deliveries are carried out during normal service hours in HEL 305. 

Please send all inquiries to
Thank you very much!


ZIMT Audiovisual Services and Resources

ZIMT offers EUF students, faculty and staff the following audiovisual media services and resources:

  • A/V equipment for loan (camcorders, audio recorders, etc.)
  • Accessories for loan (tripods, microphones, etc.)
  • Usage instructions for lending equipment 
  • Advice on how to use recordings for research, teaching and studies
  • Access to the media lab

Your contact person

In order to process your requests quickly, please always contact:

+49 461 805 2230
+49 461 805 2144
Gebäude Helsinki
HEL 305
Auf dem Campus 1a
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg
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