DAAD Prize

Curious about the DAAD Prize?

Every year, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards funds to recognize outstanding achievements by foreign students at universities. The prize is endowed with 1,000.00 euros and is awarded to the most outstanding international student. 

The prize is to be awarded to an international student who is studying at Europa-Flensburg and who has distinguished him/herself through special academic achievements and remarkable social or intercultural commitment. The award ceremony is intended to draw public attention to the importance of studying abroad.

DAAD Prize winner 2023: Sarah Chaumot, student of the M.A. European Studies

Sarah Chaumont, from France, winner of the prestigious DAAD award for the most outstanding international student, stands out not only for her academic achievements but also for her tireless community involvement.

Sarah is an active member of the European Studies Student Council, where she not only contributes her knowledge, but also drives the organization of formal and informal events that enrich campus life for her fellow students.

In her role on the Council, Sarah skillfully manages the allocation of resources and ensures that student initiatives receive the support they need to thrive. Beyond the borders of her university, Sarah is a dynamic young ambassador for the FGYO/OFAJ, effectively representing her institution at various high-profile events in both France and Germany.

Her involvement also extends to important collaborations, such as her participation in the Franco-German Future Work and her integral role in the organizing team of the Franco-German Youth Congress, where her contributions have been instrumental in promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding.

In addition, Sarah supports international students by providing them with advice and support as they settle into their new lives in Flensburg. Her commitment to improving the student experience and promoting international cooperation sets her apart as an exemplary leader and global citizen.

Former DAAD prize winners

Interested in a nomination?

If you are studying at the Europa-Universität Flensburg and would like to be nominated, here are the criteria:

  1. Proven above-average academic performance.
  2. Social commitment, especially to promoting intercultural relations, ideally within Flensburg or the university.
  3. Foreign nationality.
  4. University entrance qualification obtained abroad.
  5. Be enrolled in a regular degree program at Europa-Universität Flensburg (not as a guest student).
  6. You are in an advanced study phase, i.e. at least in the second year of a Bachelor's/Doctoral degree program or in the second semester of a Master's degree program, and are still enrolled until the end of October 2024.
  7. No DAAD scholarship holders or recipients of a full scholarship from public funds can be funded.
  8. The DAAD Prize is not a research prize.  If possible, it should be awarded to students, at most to doctoral candidates. 

The award ceremony must take place in 2024 and is expected to be part of the Fall Semester. 


A lecturer can submit a nomination proposal for award winners to the International Center via lucila@uni-flensburg.de by August 15, 2024.

The proposals should include:

  1. Student CV
  2. Transcripts of Records
  3. A copy of a term paper
  4. Name, subject and semester of study and a short justification (including a remarkable social or intercultural commitment).

After receiving the proposals, the committee will select the award winner.

Selection procedure:

A Student Support Committee, chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Teaching and made up of representatives from the three faculties and the International Office, carefully reviews all applications. The winner is then announced in a university press release.

Contact person
Lucila Morales de Mittag
On the campus 1, 24943 Flensburg
Helsinki Building HEL 031
Phone: +49 8052776
E-mail: lucila@uni-flensburg.de

Funded by:
AA - Federal Foreign Office