Too good to go

Throwing away food is a problem that affects us all. But together we can be part of the solution! With the help of our "Too Good to Go" app, you have the opportunity to rescue unsold food from your favorite stores and restaurants.

The idea is simple: instead of these foods ending up in the bin, you can buy them at a reduced price and thus not only save money, but also actively contribute to reducing food waste.

It's a win-win situation: you get high-quality food at a fraction of the usual price, while the stores and restaurants have to throw away less food.

Too Gold to Go                                                                                                        

Leila the loan store

Why buy everything new when you can simply borrow it for as long as you really need it? This is not only good for your living space, but also for your wallet and the environment!

Leila is a sustainable alternative: a loan store for things that are useful but rarely used. Instead of buying these items, you can borrow them in a shared loan system. The warehouse already has lots of exciting and practical items for you, and new items are constantly being added.

Be part of this sustainable movement and help protect our environment. Borrow instead of buy with Leila!

Leila der Leihladen