DAAD Preis 2022

The awarding of the DAAD Prize is based on a number of outstanding achievements:

As a TANDEM volunteer Basar Saga Doganci, he has actively contributed to the promotion of cooperation and solidarity between Turkish citizens in Europe and European citizens in Turkey, leading to better intercultural understanding and dialog.
His involvement in BridgeEurope e.V. since September 2021 shows his striving for constructive, solution-oriented and ideology-free discourse. By organizing events and writing articles for BridgeEurope's online chapter, he has created a space that brings together people from diverse geographical and ideological backgrounds.
As a member of the M.A. European Studies student council at Europa-Universität Flensburg, he has helped to ensure that students' voices are heard, improving program quality and facilitating communication between students.
His voluntary internship with the Lausanne Project has helped to disseminate new research on relations between the Middle East and the rest of the world during the interwar period and to reflect on the legacy of Lausanne.
As a volunteer at the Model UN Flensburg, he has helped to promote academic and diplomatic activities among students.

In addition, he has taken online courses in R programming and statistics.
His work as a student assistant at the European University of Flensburg demonstrates his commitment to academic research and contribution to projects in the field of EU free movement policy.
Overall, his diverse engagements and contributions reflect his outstanding commitment to academic excellence, intercultural understanding and community service and make him a worthy recipient of the DAAD award.

DAAD Prize 2021

Matic Germovšek Žnidaršič, a graduate of the Bachelor's degree program European Cultures and Society from Slovenia, was awarded the prestigious DAAD prize for the following reasons:

His many years of involvement in the working group of Slavic minorities within FUEN, in which he held various positions, testify to his tireless commitment to the concerns and rights of minorities.
As a member of the Council of Europe's Youth Advisory Council, he has actively contributed to shaping youth-related political decisions and measures at European level.
In his role as President of the Youth of European Nationalities, he has led significant initiatives to promote intercultural dialog and cooperation between different ethnic groups.
His involvement as a board member of KSŠŠD (Klub slovenskih študentk in študentov na Dunaju) is testament to his commitment to the Slovenian student community in Vienna.
As a member of the EUCS examination board, he has helped to maintain the quality and integrity of the degree program.
His semester abroad in Palestine in 2020 was marked by an outstanding project entitled "Analog Palestinian Stories: Exploring Analog Photography and Emotions", which underlines his interest in intercultural exchange and creative expression.

His involvement as a trainer in non-formal education and youth work, as well as running workshops with young people, reflects his desire to empower and inspire young people.
With an outstanding grade point average of 1.4 with 150 ECTS, he has not only demonstrated academic excellence, but has also proven his ability to organize and manage time effectively.