Research Funding at EUF

The Flensburg Research Funding Program (FPFF)

 The Flensburg Research Funding Program (FPFF) was developed by Europa-Universität Flensburg to promote research.

Module 1: Consulting and Support

Advising and help with research funding and proposals

To help scholars initiate research-related activities, EUF Office of Research and the ZeBUSS and ICES research centers offer consulting services for scholars on research funding and funding proposals. Services include researching grant opportunities, preparing budgets, providing administrative support for third-party funding applications, and proposal reviews.

Project support

Ongoing research projects can receive more detailed project support upon request. Through the EUF Office of Research the ZeBUSS and ICES research centers, researchers can get help with project modification requests or advice on issues concerning project management. Both research centers also offer help preparing academic conferences, meetings and other activites, as well as support for administration issues related to project implementation.

Academic editing service

The EUF Academic Editing Service helps scholars prepare high-quality third-party funding proposals and journal articles in the English.

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Work and meeting rooms

The ZeBUSS and ICES research centers provide work and meeting rooms for their members. These rooms are open to all researchers at EUF, pending availability.

Module 2: Room for Research

Reduced teaching load

The Executive Universit Board grants a teaching load reduction upon request for outstanding research projects.

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Module 3: Financial support

External funding proposal preparation

The EUF Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer provides financial support for third-party funding application preparations on an ongoing basis (available upon request).

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Academic events

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer regularly offers (upon request) financial support for academic events at EUF. Conferences with a clearly European or international orientation are funded by the Committee for Europe and International Affairs. See the information sheet and sample application.

Transfer events

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer helps fund transfer events in which the EUF or its organizational units act as organizers.

For information on funding requirements, see the information sheet and sample application.

DEAL publication grants

For Open Access publications, publication grants are available from the university’s basic budget within the framework of the DEAL contracts with Springer Nature and Wiley. Grants support one publication with an affiliated journal publisher per year per EUF researcher. Please note that in case of further publications, you will need to get a confirmation of cost coverage from your organizational unit in advance.

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Grants for wholly open-access publications

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer grants publication subsidies for exclusively open-access publications that are not eligible for funding through the state publication fund, such as journal articles and monographs by seasoned researchers.

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Publication grants for hybrid open-access publications

Publication grants for hybrid open-access book and journal publications may be applied for through the Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer.

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Open calls

Open calls are announced by the Committe for Research and Knowledge Transfer and the ZeBUSS and ICES research centers.

Ethics votes

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer encourages funding for ethics votes that are required to conduct research activities. For funding eligibility requirements, please see the fact sheet.

Program for the Promotion and Qualification of Early-Stage Researchers (FQ-WiN)

Europa Universität Flensburg has implemented a modularized initiative to promote and qualify early-stage researchers, the Program for the Promotion and Qualification of Early-Stage Researchers (FQ-WiN). This includes the following modules:

Modul 1: Qualification

Qualification program for early-stage researchers (QP)

Currently coordinated by the ZWW, the Qualificatoin Program for Early-Stage Researchers (QP) is funded by the ZeBUSS and ICES research centers, the Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer, and ZWW. The program offers free workshops for EUF doctoral students in the area of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary skills.

Research Schools for early-stage researchers (RS)

ZeBUSS and ICES, the university’s signature research centers, have established research schools (RS) for early-stage researchers. The subject-specific schools offer workshops, summer/winter schools, and interpretive working seminars, among other things.

Subject-specific qualification and academic events

The ZeBUSS and ICES research centers offer subject-specific qualification options and academic events (qualification, events) with different formats. These activities also provide an opportunity for scholarly exchange and networking.

Supervision and coaching program

Pre- and post-docs are given the opportunity to reflect on and work through particular challenges in their qualification phase in a supervision program run by the ZWW and in a coaching program supported by the Equal Opportunities Office and the ZWW.

Module 2: Paid positions and scholarships

State graduate scholarships

 EUF offers financial support in the form of state graduate scholarships to support doctoral studies for a maximum of three years.

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Post-doctoral program

The post-doctoral program offers additional qualification positions in strategically relevant units to a limited number of post-doctoral scholars. The program is currently still under development.

Eigen.Zeit positions

The annually announced Eigen.Zeit program gives position holders one year to prepare a DFG application that would procure funding for their own positiosn. Annual calls focus alternately on one of EUF’s two signature research centers.

Call for field research proposals

Regularly announced by the ICES research center, the Call for Field Research Proposals supports research stays for the purposes of data collection and/or archival work.

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Hardship fund

Offered by the Doctoral Committee, the hardship fund allows researchers to bridge short-term funding gaps during the final phase of their doctoral studies.

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Module 3: International Networking and Career Positioning

Short-term international academic exchange

An advisory service to promote short-term international academic exchange focused on teaching and networking is currently under development. The service primarily targets doctoral students, but is also open to post-doctoral scholars and professors.

Research and teaching fellowship

Primarily aimed at junior professors (but also professors), an advisory service to promote international research and teaching fellowships with a one-semester teaching load is currently being developed.

Participation in conferences and seminars

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer offers financial support to enable scholars to attend conferences and academic seminars (which also supports networking).

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Support for visiting researchers and cooperative initiatives

The ZeBUSS and ICES research centers offer support for visiting researchers and cooperative projects.

Funding for the publication of doctoral dissertations and Habilitation theses

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer provides publication support for dissertations and postdoctoral theses.

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Funding to publish open-access journal articles

Funding to publish open-access journal articles is provided by the Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer using funds from the State Publication Fund.

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