Annual InfoEvent: Research Funding Day

EUF organizes a Research Funding Day once each semester. The purpose of this event is to give EUF researchers information, continuing education, and networking opportunities and provide them with a forum to discuss the strategic further development of EUF-internal research funding. Each Research Funding Day has a different thematic focus area.

  • Thematic focus areas, 1st Research Funding Day, October 24, 2018: Research funding at EUF, funding opportunities of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, MSCA and ERC funding within the framework of Horizon 2020
  • Thematic focus areas, 2nd Research Funding Day, June 25, 2019: Research funding at the University of Hildesheim, funding instruments at EUF, EUF scholars’ experience with proposals, transformation research at EUF
  • Thematic focus areas, 3rd Research Funding Day, December 11, 2019: Forum to welcome and provide information to new scholars at EUF, EUF’s DFG strategy on the path to DFG membership, and DFG funding programs and Research Training Groups.
  • Thematic focus areas, 4th Research Funding Day, November 11, 2021: Research funding opportunities at the EUF, plans for research and research funding in the new structural and development plan, ORCID - advantages for scientists to use this identification system, awarding of the research prize of the European University Flensburg and a Come Together.
  • Thematic focus areas, 5th Research Funding Day, November 2, 2022: Codex of "Good Scientific Practice" of the DFG and implementation strategies: introduction, research data management, obtaining ethical votes; EUF Research Awards 2021: presentation of the honored works; knowledge and transfer strategy of the EUF; offers of the EUF Research Funding Advisory Team as well as a Get-Together.

To the presentation slides of the previous events: