Annual InfoEvent: Research Funding Day

EUF organizes a Research Funding Day once each semester. The purpose of this event is to give EUF researchers information, continuing education, and networking opportunities and provide them with a forum to discuss the strategic further development of EUF-internal research funding. Each Research Funding Day has a different thematic focus area.

  • Thematic focus areas, 1st Research Funding Day, October 24, 2018: Research funding at EUF, funding opportunities of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, MSCA and ERC funding within the framework of Horizon 2020
  • Thematic focus areas, 2nd Research Funding Day, June 25, 2019: Research funding at the University of Hildesheim, funding instruments at EUF, EUF scholars’ experience with proposals, transformation research at EUF
  • Thematic focus areas, 3rd Research Funding Day, December 11, 2019: Forum to welcome and provide information to new scholars at EUF, EUF’s DFG strategy on the path to DFG membership, and DFG funding programs and Research Training Groups.

Link to the program of the 3rd Research Funding InfoEventand the presentation slides of events to date: