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The university strives to help EUF scholars boost the international visibility of their research

Overview of research funding, services and resources offered by Europa-Universität Flensburg

Flensburg Program for Research Funding
  Program for the Promotion and Qualification of Early Stage Researchers
Module: Consulting and Support Module: Room for Research Module: Funding Module: Qualification Module: Positions and Scholarships Networking and Career Positioning
Funding and proposal application advising Reduced teaching load Preparation of third-party funding applications (suspended temporarily) Qualification Program for Early Stage Researchers (QP) State graduate scholarships Short-term international Academic Exchange (in preparation)
Project support   Academic events Research Schools Post-doc program International Fellowship in Research and Teaching (in preparation)
Editing service   Transfer events Subject-specific qualification and academic events Call for Field Research and Qualification Grants Mobility Funding Erasmus+
Work and meeting rooms   Publication grants (DEAL contracts) Coaching program Student assistants (SHK/WHK) (suspended temporarily) Participation in conferences and congresses
    Open calls   Hardship fund Support for guest researchers and collaborative projects
    Ethics votes     Publication funding (dissertation and postdoctoral theses, open access journal articles)

Research grants and support offered by the EUF Office for Research

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First step to research financing: Contact one of two central committees on campus

The Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer and the Central Committee for Europe and International Affairs are the university’s first points of contact for scholars who seek EUF funding for their research. The available financing supports the following activities:

  1. Conference travel and participation fees (early-stage researchers)
  2. Academic event organization
  3. Third-party funding proposals for research projects (preparation costs)

Each committee handles the funding requests for its designated thematic area

Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer

The Central Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer supports a broad spectrum of research projects and activities at EUF. The available funding mainly supports the costs of grant application preparation, academic event organization, research publication, and conference travel for early-stage researchers.

For more information, check out these materials and applications:

Partially or fully covers the cost of travel for early-stage researchers who are actively participating in a conference or workshop (e.g., through a talk or poster presentation). See Application FAQ: Funding to Promote Early-Stage Researchers. You can view a sample application here.

Partially or fully covers the costs of academic events organized by any EUF seminar, department, institute, professor or research associate. See Application FAQ: Academic Event Funding for detailed information. You can view a sample application here.

For transfer events, where the EUF or its seminars, departments, institutes, professors or research assistants act as organizers, funding can be applied for. You can find more detailed information on the funding conditions in the  information sheet for applications for funding of transfer events. The corresponding sample application form can be found here.

Helps cover administrative costs associated with preparing and submitting third-party funding proposals for research projects. For more information, see Application FAQ: Research Proposal Preparation Funding.

The university has several funding options designed to help EUF scholars publish their research. The available funding targets open-access publications and doctoral and postdoctoral [Habilitation] dissertations written at EUF. See FAQ: Applying for Publication Funding for more information. See also the information provided by the ZHB.

The Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer supports the funding of ethics votes that are required to carry out research activities. Further information can be found in the information sheet for applications for funding of ethics votes.

Funding of students assistants (SHK/WHK) for qualification work of Early Stage Researchers can be applied for at the Committee for Research and Knowledge Transfer, if the tasks are supportive and can be delegated to SHK/WHK in a reasonable way. For the funding requirements see the information sheet

Central Committee for Europe and International Affairs

The Central Committee for Europen and International Affairs supports a variety of international projects, with a special focus on promoting international cooperation, engagement and exchange.

Commission for the Funding of Academic and Creative Talent (Scholarship Committee)

Doctoral committee

The doctoral committee offers financial assistance to doctoral students who are about to finish their dissertations. Assistance takes form of short-term loans allocated from the Hardship Fund for Doctoral Students.

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Application for a reduced teaching load for research purposes

Professors and research associates at EUF who can present exceptional research achievements may apply for up to a 50% reduction of their contractual teaching load. This option represents an extraordinary chance for individual scholars to optimize their research conditions at EUF.

The criteria for the recognition of special research achievements can be found on the intranet.

Research infrastructure: EvaSys for online surveys in research contexts in and beyond EUF

EUF scholars will soon be able to use the EvaSys software to conduct online surveys in research contexts beyond our campus community, especially for externally funded projects. EvaSys offers the necessary technical capabilities, and EUF has a specialized EvaSys support team of its own, since it already uses the software for internal purposes. The software also complies with data protection regulations.

If it is possible to cover the software costs using external funding, research teams should prioritize its use and include this expense in their proposed grant budgets. If not, the university can cover the cost from its main budget and will provide this as a free service to all EUF-affiliated scholars, including doctoral students, in an effort to improve the university’s research infrastructure.

Contact to the EvaSys-Team

Research funding advice at the EUF - Your contact persons:

Office for Research:
Dr. Martina Kattein, Research Development Manager
Tel. +49 461 805 2788, e-mail:

for requested application support:   
Marlene Langholz-Kaiser, Research Advisor in the Office for Research          
Tel. +49 461 805 2571, e-mail:

Research Center ICES:   
Dr. Maria Schwab, Academic Coordinator of ICES            
Tel. +49 461 805 2499, e-mail:    

Marlene Langholz-Kaiser, Academic Coordinator
Tel. +49 461 805 2571, e-mail:

Research Center ZeBUSS:    
Dr. Simone Onur, Academic Coordinator of ZeBUSS                  
Tel. +49 461 805 3042, e-mail: