Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

We want to open horizons.

We are a dynamic university in a state of continuous learning and development.

We overcome boundaries in our work, teaching, and research to promote justice, sustainability and diversity

in education, schools and the workplace, in business and society, and in the spheres of culture and the environment.

-Mission Statement of Europa-Universität Flensburg

Based on its mission statement, Europa-Universität Flensburg has adopted a General Code of Conduct (allgemeiner Kodex). The code provides some guidelines for how we should deal with one another. 

Europa-Universität Flensburg offers the following employee benefits to its faculty and staff:

EUF staff can find an overview of all employee benefits here (in German).

Basic starting information and documents in German can be found on the intranet here.

The Center for Information and Media Technologies (ZIMT) is responsible for everything related to IT/EDP and media technology at EUF. It also operates the ZIMT Service Desk.

Facilities Management and Infrastructure is responsible for EUF's buildings and campus grounds. It supports the following areas:

As the university's procurement office, Facilities Management is also your point of contact if you wish to award a contract that is subject to tender.

The Quality Management unit supports the university to ensure the quality of its degree programs.

The Gender Network, an interdisciplinary forum for EUF employees involved in the analysis and structuring of gender relations, can be found on the Gender & Diversity Portal.

An overview of EUF's representatives and alternates can be found here.

The Equal Opportunities Representative and Deputy Equal Opportunities Representatives help EUF eliminate existing disadvantages for university members. They also work to increase the number of women in academia.

Diversity officers help plan and organize teaching, study, and working conditions for university employees and others affliated with the university, advising them and working to eliminate existing disadvantages. 

The goal of Family Services is to make EUF more family-friendly for all university members with family responsibilities. 

The EUF representative for people with disabilities can be found here.

The DFG's Commission on Self-Regulation in Science and Research (DFG White Paper 2013) recommends that universities and research institutions appoint an independent ombudsperson to whom their members can turn in matters of good scientific practice, and in cases of suspected scientific misconduct. The members of the Commission for Good Scientific Practice and the EUF Ombudsperson for Scientific Misconduct are listed here.