Foto zeigt ein Papierflugzeug mit Aufschrift Moin vor unscharfer Stadt
Foto zeigt ein Papierflugzeug mit Aufschrift Moin vor unscharfer Stadt

Flensburg and its Surroundings

Flensburg (Danish and Low German: Flensborg, North Frisian: Flansborj, Flensborag, South Jutlandic: Flensborre) is a large county-free city in the north of Schleswig-Holstein. After Kiel and Lübeck, Flensburg is the third largest city in the state, the largest in the Schleswig district, and the northernmost independent city in Germany. In addition to German and Danish, a significant number of residents speak Low German and a few speak Petuh.

The city of Flensburg is located at the inner end of the Flensburg Fjord on the German-Danish border in the natural region of Schleswig-Holsteinisches Hügelland. The city area extends along the western and southern shore of the Flensburg Fjord over various hills such as the Frisian Mountains or the Marienberg. The highest point in the city area is 64 meters above sea level in the area of the Marienhölzung. The city center is only three meters above sea level at the ZOB bus station.

You can learn more about the region around Flensburg here.

The City of Flensburg's website provides detailed information about the city. The Fördebrief ("Fjord letter") also informs residents about current issues in city government A guide to the city's programs and resources for youth, families, seniors, and newcomers is available here.

An overview of the social structure data for the city of Flensburg and its 13 districts can be found here.