Gender Equality and Diversity Plan

The Gender Equality and Diversity Plan (GEDP) of Europa-Universität-Flensburg (EUF) provides information on the university's key projects in the area of equality and diversity.  Approved by the Senate on July 6, 2022, the plan describes all initiatives and measures, relevant data, existing expertise, and available personnel at EUF in the areas of equality and diversity.  Through the GEDP, the EUF also fulfills the requirements stated in the EU's Horizon Europe research framework program.

The Gender Equality and Diversity Plan is based on the Gleichstellungszukunftskonzept 2019-2025 (in German; English translation forthcoming) and the gender equality/diversity adopted by the EUF Senate in the 2022-2026 StEP RISE.

Our aim is to regularly update and supplement the GEDP.