"21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On" -- Lecture Series & Reading Group

To celebrate the publication centenary of James Joyce's Ulysses, the EUF in collaboration with CAU-Kiel are hosting 11 guest lectures as part of a series entitled "21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On."  

In addition to the lectures, we are also leading a Ulysses Virtual Reading Group. No prior knowledge or reading is required! 

Details for both lecture series and reading group are below.

"21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On" -- A Lecture Series

Considered to be one of the most important and challenging novels in the English language as well as the most famous Irish novel ever written, James Joyce’s Ulysses is a 20th-century masterpiece. To mark the occasion of 100-years after its first publication, these renowned Joycean scholars consider the significance and continued relevance of James Joyce and Ulysses in the 21st century. 

Can Joyce be read today? How has his significance — i.e. literary, cultural, political, European, literary, editorial, national, international, modernist, ethical, controversial, canonical, experimental, transnational, etc. — changed from the 1920s to the 2020s? These are all questions that inform the talks. They will also consider Joyce’s cultural, literary, and national impact, through the lenses of decolonization, gender studies, narratology, intertextuality, literary theory, disability studies, geopolitics, new historicism, and cultural contextualization. 

The objective of the series is to show that Joyce is as relevant today as he was in 1922 and to inspire non-specialist and specialist alike with an appreciation of Joyce’s work and Irish literature more generally. The centenary has prompted a massive surge in the field as well as deep considerations regarding Joyce’s relevance and impact 100 years on. Come join us and participate in this conversation!

These lectures are offered in hybrid form and all lectures will be delivered in English. You can join us in person or online (simultaneously). Please see below for the webex Link, and here for the full schedule, abstracts, and speaker bios.

** Unfortunately, due to illness, Prof Dr Astrid Erll's lecture on Dec 15 has been postponed to Feb 9**

Webex Link for the lecture serieshttps://uni-flensburg.webex.com/uni-flensburg/j.php?MTID=m7d6f69854ee98c86367610538c59a2a6

21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On" -- Reading Group

To complement the lecture series, "21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On," the EUF in collaboration with CAU-Kiel are offering a bi-monthly, virtual reading group on Ulysses on Mondays from 18:30 – 19:30.

We will workshop relevant passages from the novel and these will be aimed for a beginner, non-specialist audience (though of course experienced readers are more than welcome!). 

No prior knowledge or preparation is required. Relevant pages will be shared during the meeting.

Webex link for the reading grouphttps://uni-flensburg.webex.com/uni-flensburg/j.php?MTID=mdef5bd1c2fbab0ae916da6f6c352e995

** Generously funded by the Europa-Auschuss (EUF), the Collegium Philosophicum (CAU-Kiel) & the Government of Ireland's Emigrant Support Programme **

Poster Art and Design by Mario Grossert: https://www.mariogrossert.com