KIM - Multifuntion Copier System

ZIMT introduces new state-of-the-art copiers on campus. We call them KIMs. The most important questions and answers about this offer can be found here.

Details in picture:

The new features

The most important innovations of the KIM copiers are:

  • Copy/Print/Scan in colour up to DIN A3
  • Scanning to USB stick 
  • Printing from USB stick
  • Fast login and easy handling on a large touch screen
  • Punching and stapling - and even stapling without staples
  • for EUF employees: easy scanning to e-mail

After the introduction, these are gradually added:

  • Printing from workstation to KIM copier ("Follow-me-printing")

Three STEPS before starting:

For students:

For employees with DOZ accounts:

For employees with VER accounts:

General questions:

The copiers will be launched in mid-June 2018. This will happen fluently, so in a transitional period new and old copiers will be available on campus at the same time. The old devices are replaced location by location by the new machines. ZIMT tries a smooth transition as possible.

Of course, we will inform you immediately after the introduction of the first KIM copier in your area by e-mail and poster; and also on this page.

The most important innovations of the KIM copiers are:

  • Copy/Print/Scan in colour up to DIN A3
  • Scanning to USB stick
  • Printing from USB stick
  • Fast login and easy handling on a large touch screen
  • Punching and stapling - and even stapling without staples
  • für Beschäftigte der EUF: Scannen an E-Mail (mit automatischem Einzelpapiereinzug an vielen KIMs in der EUF)

After the introduction, these are gradually added:

  • Printing from workstation to KIM copier ("Follow-me-printing")

Good question!

KIM is an acronym and stands for "copier including multifunction" - the pun only works in german. And that's exactly what the new KIMs are: modern colour copiers with an incredible number of additional functions. You will enjoy it!


ou will find the new photocopiers where you have found them so far - both in the buildings of the EUF and in the Central University Library (ZHB).

In addition, you will find more KIMs for certain user groups, e.g. in the buildings in Oslo and Riga.

Zentrale Hochschulbibliothek (ZHB)basement south, room 017
1st floor north, room 113
2nd floor north, room 216
Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF)Dublin building, room 001
Helsinki building, lobby
Madrid building, glass container
Oslo building, room 042 (2 devices)
Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) Helsinki building, near room 233
  Madrid building, room 117
  Oslo building, room 065  (2 devices)
  Riga 6 building, room 609
  Dublin building, room 001
  Talinn building, room 204

For print jobs up to DIN A3, the ZIMT print shop is also available within the EUF (incl. lamination): Printery

Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF)Dublin building, room 120
Dublin building, room 202
Helsinki building, room 016

Buy/recharge and exchange credit

You will need credit to use the new copiers. You can charge this at so-called KIM stations as soon as a KIM copier is available in your area.

user group Available at which KIM station?  
Students of the EUF Oslo building, room 056
Employees of EUF (DOZ) Oslo building, room 043
  Oslo building, room 240

There are basically 3 ways, depending on which user group you belong to.


Students first register at one of the new KIM copiers. It's incredibly easy and quickly done. Then they recharge credit at a KIM-station and can use KIM without restrictions from now on.

Employees of the EUF:

EUF employees can top up credit at a KIM-station . This is usually done by specifying the account assignment data of the relevant institution. Then you can go to a suitable KIM-copier and either register once with your door chip (or other chip card) on the entire KIM system or simply start working immediately.

If you decide not to register once via the door chip, you can always log in with your normal user access data. The later work via chip (or other RFID chip card) is simply more time-saving in the long run, because this saves you entering your access data for later work on the copier.


 Guests can get a KIM guest card at a suitable KIM-Station recharge it on site and get started.

Okay, no problem, slowly and in detail:

In principle, only guests need a chip card to register and pay for the new KIM copiers. There are corresponding "KIM guest cards" (for self-payers) in the Zentralen Hochschulbibliothek (ZHB).

Students and employees of the Europa-Universität or the Hochschule Flensburg do not need a KIM copy card because they can simply log on to the KIM copier with their normal network access data. The only thing: In the long run it gets a little annoying to always log in with user name and password.

Thats why we came up with a great solution:

  1. You register once at a KIM copier with a chip card, which you always carry with you anyway. The CampusCard of the Mensa is a good way for students to do this. For EUF employees, the door chip of the office is suitable. The main thing is that the chip card/chip with RFID chip is recognized on the KIM copier and confirmed by a beep.
  2. From now on, you can access the KIM copiers without entering a user name and password.

If you do not want to use your own smart cards, but still want the convenience of contactless login at the KIM copier, you can get your own KIM copy card at the appropriate KIM-stations.

 Check prices/costs.

As part of an exchange programme, you can transfer credit from old paper copy cards:

Students (EUF & HSF), employees (HSF) and ZHB users

  • Central University Library Flensburg (ZHB)
    Exchange service Monday to Friday, from 12 am to 2 pm
    at the info counter on the 1st floor
    End of exchange service: now expected end of October 2018

Employees of the EUF

Old paper copy cards

Credit from the old copying system (paper cards) can be transferred to the new KIM system. No direct payment is possible.

New KIM-copy cards

If you would like to have your KIM balance paid out in the future (for example at the end of your studies), you can do so: self-payers can contact the AStA of the EUF in future. EUF employees with DOZ accounts should contact their department.

Using KIM

Students (EUF & HSF): Use your network accesss password. In the EUF these are your matriculation number and your network access password.

Employees (EUF & HSF): Use your network access data that you also use on your workstation computer.

Guests: The KIM copy cards for guests / self-payers available at various KIM-stations are already pre-registered and can be used directly at the KIM copier on the reader (without user name or password). To print at the CPM, please use the Print ID without password that appears on your KIM guest / self-payer copy cards.

Students and employees can register more easily with the KIM copier via a EUF-door chip, campus card, etc. after a one-time registration.

All KIM copiers offer the possibility to print PDF files from a USB stick or to save scans as PDF files to a USB stick. Please make sure to format your drives in "FAT32".


Consumption costs


What should be produced in A4 format?Cents per site
print/copy, black-and-white5
print/copy, colourized25


Double-sided printing costs the same as two single pages. All KIMs can also handle A3 format.
The prices for A3 are double the A4 price.

Example: A black and white copy in DIN A4 costs 0.05 Euro, a copy on DIN A3 costs 0.10 Euro.

Possible one-time costs

Only occur if you need a KIM copy card.

Students and staff (EUF & HSF) can also log on to KIM copiers without a KIM card by using their network access data - or alternatively by registering once with the KIM system using another RFID-enabled card / EUF door chip.

Guests inevitably require a KIM copy card for guests / self-payers, as they do not have regular EUF or HSF access data.

A KIM copy card costs 2 Euro once. This price, which only covers the costs of obtaining the card, will be charged when the first credit balance is purchased. Example: Suppose you buy credit worth 10 euros for the first time. The amount available on the card then amounts to 8 euros. - Each additional charge is then exactly the same as the amount paid in.

Status: Mai 2018

The costs for EUF employees can be found in the separate price list [26172].


The following persons have agreed to refill the devices at the various locations:

One page was not printed or a print job on the KIM copier was terminated early?
No problem, KIM corrects your copy balance automatically:

  • As soon as you log out of a KIM copier, a comparision is made between the KIM components.
  • You have only to pay for actual created prints or copies. For non-created printouts KIM automatically does a correction.
  • After KIM has made a correction, the correct balance amount is displayed the next time you login to a KIM copier or to the KIM credit machine.

(Yes, we know: The old copiers before KIM could not do that.)

 If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our service e-mail address: 

First impression:

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