Web conferencing with Cisco Webex or Adobe Connect/DFNConf

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a collection of helpful, professional collaboration tools.

With Webex, you can hold lectures or in-service meetings and divide participants into groups. Webex has features like chats, breakout sessions, and file-sharing capabilities, among others.

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Adobe Connect (up to 200 participants)

Adobe Connect is suitable for meetings, talks or lectures involving up to 200 participants. It has the advantage of supporting large meetings with a numerous attendees

Adobe Connect is part of the "Adobe Conf" platform of the German Research Network (DFN).

About Adobe Connect

DFNConf (up to 23 participants)

DFNConf is suitable for meetings and lectures involving up to 23 participants. DFNConf also allows you to hold web conferences. The great advantage of this system is its compatibility with various end devices (PCs, notebooks, tablets, cell phones) and with existing software solutions. This means that people can also log in without having to use the DFNConf app – for example, via Skype for Business or a permanently installed video conferencing system.

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