Website Creation

Typo3 as the university standard for EUF websites

The internet presence of the Europa-Universität Flensburg consists of its central website and about 120 other websites connected to its institutes, departments, seminars, centers and projects. All in all, this adds up to about 15,000 individual pages, which are managed by about 450 editors via the campus management system Typo3.

Additional project web server

For new projects, degree programs, conferences, etc., additional Typo3 websites can be created according to the scheme shown on The requesting office receives a website framework from ZIMT, which corresponds to EUF's corporate design and already contains basic structures. These have to be refined and filled with life by the respective editors.

Get access to Typo3

Depending on your needs, you can get an author or editor account for Typo3. A prerequisite for this is to attend the appropriate ZWW Typo3 training course (German only).

Editors versus authors:

  • Editors are the people who can structure and build websites from scratch and can make major changes. The complete range of Typo3 functionalities is available to them. Attending the Typo3 advanced training course of the ZWW is mandatory to gain editor access.
  • Authors only need to attend a 4-hour author training course offered by the ZWW. Here they learn the basic functions of the Typo3 web system and can then easily edit their own personal pages, as well as other pages of their institution.

Trainings and detailed documentation

Information and advice from the central webmaster team

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