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Antrittsvorlesung Prof. Dr. Vello Pettai: "Minorities and E-Governance"

DUB 008

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Prof. Dr. Vello Pettai, Direktor des European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) in Flensburg hält heute seine Antrittsvorlesung zum Thema "Minorities and E-Governance". Pettai ist seit März 2020 Direktor des ECMI. Seine Antrittsvorlesung findet in englischer Sprache statt.

E-governance is a rapidly evolving interface between public administration and technological change. It involves citizens being able to use different on-line systems in order to take care of governmental or administrative matters. From applying for a fishing permit to submitting a tax declaration or even voting in national elections, e-governance is revolutionizing the way people relate to the state and politics. Indeed, the use of the word e-governance -- as opposed to e-government -- hints at the ways in which on-line systems are not just facilitating bureaucratic procedures, they are also changing the way we view governing as such.

It is all the more important, therefore, to introduce a minority perspective into this growth of e-governance. The lecture will lay out (in concentric fashion) a range of issues that emerge as we begin to view e-governance through a minorities prism.

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DUB 008
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