What’s New in Webex 2022

Starting on May 6, 2022, you will notice some changes to the Webex program interface. Previously, the Webex Meetings (video) and Webex Teams (file sharing, chat) programs were separate. Starting in May, both of these can be found in the same place. Here we describe the biggest differences and improvements.

Schedule meetings

In the screenshot you can see the biggest change: You no longer see web meetings/video conferences in a separate window (right), but as a Meetings sub-item in the new overall interface (left):

All functions of the former Meetings window (right) can be found under the same (or very similar) name in the new interface (left).

Create Teams

In the new overall Webex interface, you can create teams. These are groups of people you work or study with. These teams can then be further divided into "areas."

The whole thing works much like the former "Webex Teams."

Send Messages

In the new interface under Messages, you can send text messages or files to individual university members or to the teams you have previously defined.

This function is also basically works like the former "Webex Teams." But note: Not everyone automatically uses this feature. Only write to people who you know use this messaging feature. All other people should be contacted as usual (e.g., via email, telephone or video conference).

Important Contacts

In the new interface, you can compile a list of frequently used contact persons under Contacts. This way you can reach them faster via text message or video call.

Here, a small icon shows you whether your colleague is currently available, or possibly tied up in another video conference. Again, our suggestion: Only contact people in this way when both of you have previously agreed to it.

What hasn’t changed:

Web Interface

The Cisco Webex web interface at uni-flensburg.webex.com remains unchanged. Thus, you can continue to use Webex in the browser just as you did before, without having to install anything:

Videomeetings themselves

The video conferencing interface under Windows/MacOS also remains unchanged. Only the way to get there within the new unified program interface is new. [See above]

The color of the surface shown dark here can be customized.

Outlook-Plugin / Productivity Tools

You can still comfortably send Webex invitations from Outlook. If you haven’t done this before, but are interested, you can install Webex's "Productivity Tools" on your computer.