Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht
Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht

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From organising group discussions and making TikTok videos to creating academic presentations

ZeBUSS Winter School prepares early-stage researchers to meet the challenges of their work

Scholars need to possess a range of skills, including the ability to apply research methods, moderate group discussions, and communicate research results. For three days about 30 early-stage researchers, mainly from EUF's Educational Science and Special Education departments, attended the Winter School of EUF's Center for Research on Education, Teaching, Schooling and Socialisation (ZeBUSS). "The ZeBUSS Winter School takes place annually," explains ZeBUSS academic coordinator Dr Simone Onur. "We ask doctoral and post-doctoral researchers what topics they would like to cover, and then we offer appropriate workshops to further their professional development as academics."

Strong interest in academic communication

Workshops deal with content and methods and are interdisciplinary. This spring, one block of topics addressed science communication issues like the communication of research results in the social sciences and humanities in social media, the creation of academic presentations, and academic writing.

Also in demand: methodological issues

Two further blocks dealt with methodological issues. Here, for example, workshops on grounded theory, multidimensional scaling and the moderation of group discussions were offered. "This year we were able to win Prof. em. Dr. Wolfgang Bilsky, a renowned scientist whose concern is not only to teach a research method," said Prof. Dr. Simone Püls. says Prof. Dr. Simone Pülschen, who is committed to young researchers in the ZeBUSS. "Prof. Bilsky was also interested in supporting young researchers in different qualification phases in the development of their research design.

The Winter School is organised by ZeBUSS and is open to all EUF researchers free of charge.