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Ulysses 1922 and the Golden Mean


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Prof Dr Hans Walter Gabler, LMU München gives a lecture in the lecture series "21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On" today on the topic of "Ulysses 1922 and the Golden Mean".

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the publication of James Joyce's "Ulysses," the EUF and CAU-Kiel have joined together to host a lecture series and virtual reading group on Ulysses, entitled "21st-Century Joyce: Ulysses 100 Years On." The 11 lectures, given by prominent European Joyceans, cover a variety of subjects: from mimesis, to critical propaganda, to disability studies, to borderland narratives, to homeric memory, to garment cultures, to feminist celibacy, to law and ethics, to globalism, to the golden mean... and many things in between!

All of the lectures are geared towards a non-specialist audience and will be offered in hybrid format (i.e. in person at the EUF or in Kiel [as indicated] and online, simultaneously). All are very welcome!!

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Prof Dr Michelle Witen (with CAU-Kiel's Prof Dr Nicola Glaubitz, Dr André Schwarck, Victoria Allen)