Europa-Flagge weht im Wind am Strand
Europa-Flagge weht im Wind am Strand
EUF-Studierende tanzen den Jerusalema-Tanz am Hafen in Flensburg
EUF-Studierende tanzen den Jerusalema-Tanz am Hafen in Flensburg

Erasmus Adventure - Local Erasmus+ Initiative (LEI)

We are a group of students who had a great time abroad and love to learn about new cultures, traditions and people from all over the world! We want to help new students get to know and love Flensburg/Germany and feel welcome and at home here. We organize various events during the semester to which we cordially invite you! If you want to get to know international students or are interested in the Erasmus+ program, join the activities and events of the Erasmus Adventure LEI! You can contact us via Email!

LEI is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the DAAD.

Traveling GREEN reel contest: Studying Abroad!

Show your experience of traveling GREEN for the semester abroad!

Have you traveled sustainably for your semester abroad in 2022 (or before)? If yes, we would like to share (in our EUF and LEI social media accounts) your experience of traveling green with other students to motivate them to travel sustainably. At the same time, you will be running in the contest to win one of the two INTERRAIL GLOBAL PASS YOUTH that will be given as prizes.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Create 1 reel/video about your sustainable travel for the semester abroad. You can be creative and use pictures or videos, add music, text, effects, animation and audio if you want. Try to be inclusive. It should be between 10 sec and 30 sec.

Step 2 – Send your video/reel to  by Dec. 30th 10:00 am, 2022, including:

  1. Your first name, last name
  2. Country and university you were traveling to
  3. Distance in kilometers between departure city and arrival city
  4. Calculation of your Carbon footprint
  5. Means of sustainable transportation used
  6. The following text: "I am allowing EUF and LEI to share my video on social media to promote sustainable travel."

Step 3 – We will post your reel in our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. The LEI team will look at the reels and select the best two reels according to the following criteria:

  1. 40% Tension in the story
  2. 30% Useful tips to other students
  3. 30% Creativity and variety in the video (different video/photo scenes, talking directly into the camera, Voiceover, different perspectives or transitions)

Step 4 – The winners will be announced in February and featured during Europe week in May 2023.

1st Prize – INTERRAIL GLOBAL PASS YOUTH (5 days within 1 month) + a little surprise

2nd Prize – INTERRAIL GLOBAL PASS YOUTH (5 days within 1 month)

Rules and Regulations for the TRAVELING GREEN reel contest:

Participation is open to currently enrolled and registered EUF Erasmus+ outgoings who traveled abroad sustainably in 2022 (or before).

  1. You must be between 18-27 years old and already enrolled at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF).
  2. Your video/reel must be created specifically for the TRAVELING GREEN reel contest, so that we can use the images to promote traveling green among the students and staff.
  3. The videos/reels will be posted sometime in January in the Social Media Accounts from EUF International.
  4. The deadline to receive the videos is 10:00am, German time on Friday, 30th of December 2022.
  5. The two winners will be announced on the LEI website and also be notified by email in February 2023.
  6. It must be your own photos/videos/reel, and you must own all the rights for it.
  7. The video/reel content must not be offensive, present nudity, obscenity or violence nor promote drugs, etc.
  8. Contact/questions:

We are excited to receive your videos! Your LEI Team!

Buddy Programm

The Buddy Program connects exchange students coming to Flensburg and EUF students planning an Erasmus semester abroad (when possible). This way you can help each other during the semester in Flensburg and with the preparation for the study abroad. You can find more information about the program at



Do you have questions about our events or would you like to get involved in the LEI? We look forward to hearing from you!

Erasmus Adventure (Lokale Erasmus+ Initiative)
Europa-Universität Flensburg
Auf dem Campus 1 (HEL 031)
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Tel.: 0461 805 2776