Marketing & Media Research Seminar

SemesterWinter semester
Duration of moduleOne semester
Module-Nr.MIM S4 20
Type of courseElective in S4 specialization
Frequency of module offerEach year
Entry requirementsNone
ResponsibleProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
University teacherProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
Research associate
Teaching languageGerman or english
Total workload and structure
(e.g. self-study + contact time)
150 h: 60 h contact time, 90 h self-study
Semester hours per week2 hours
Emphasis of the grade for the final grade5/120

Qualification objectives of the module:

  • The students should be able to find and organize a research topic within a given range of topics.
  • They are expected to compile the relevant literature and scientifically edit the latter.
  • They should be able to collect data by using qualitative methods and to analyze the latter with regard to the research question.

Module contents:

As part of the module, the students carry out independent research projects of current subject areas (e.g. Virtual goods, social media marketing, etc.). A corresponding amount of lectures with regard to scientific work and, in particular, with regard to the collection and analysis of qualitative data helps enabling the students to independently conduct interviews and to analyze the latter. With this in mind, the module not least offers a good preparation for the Master thesis.

Teaching and learning methods of the module:

Seminar with an integrated amount of lectures on scientific methods

Examination achievements:

Seminar paper and presentation (5 CPs in total)

Specific features:

Interviews with experts from the field or users