Bachelor and master thesis at the Chair of Media Management

General information

Bachelor and Master theses serve as an intensive scientific analysis of any selected issues. In accordance with the research areas of the chair Bachelor and Master theses within the field of media management and marketing as well as even within the field of general management and business economics are constantly supervised.

The net working time for Bachelor theses is 3 months and for Master theses 6 months. Bachelor theses comprise approx. 50-60 text pages, whereas Master theses approx. 80-120 text pages (respectively without any indexes and annexes). Writing in German or English language is possible

If necessary, a joint colloquium is offered for Bachelor and Master students. Attendance to the colloquium is obligatory. The presentation of the work within the scope of an approx. 30-minute lecture in the Bachelor/Master colloquium is an integral part of the qualification work.


  • The application for a Bachelor or Master thesis has to be submitted together with a) a current transcript of results as well as b) a curriculum vitae.
  • Based on any existing ideas, a specific topic is developed within 4 to 6 weeks. For this purpose, a rough structuring as well as an exposé of approx. 2-4 pages are prepared. In this context, the exposé comprises a) the motivation of the work, b) the specific issue, c) the selected research methodology and d) the further approach or the structure of the work.
  • Based on these documents, registration for the Bachelor or Master thesis is made (the corresponding application form has to be completed, submitted to the supervisor for signature and then passed on to the Service Center for Examination Matters for further processing) and the actual working time begins. (For students with a Danish focus, there are additionally fixed working times in each semester that must strictly be observed. The exact deadlines can be inquired at the Danish Student Secretariat.)
  • During the working time attendance to colloquium dates is mandatory. After approx. a third to a half of the working time, the work has to be presented to the other Bachelor and Master students on the occasion of a 30-minute lecture.
  • Registrations for the Bachelor and Master colloquium can be made via the Moodle platform. In the Moodle course, any materials and important appointment information are provided. For registration purposes, a password is needed which you will receive from your supervisor.

Formal issues

Bachelor and Master theses are scientific works that have to meet the requirements of such text genre accordingly. Hence, language and form are part of the achievement.

For designing the work a Word style sheet is offered whose use is obligatory.

Research resources

The IIM offers its students access to various tools that might be useful when writing a qualification work. An overview of the research resources offered can be found here. Moreover, some useful Basic literature for the field of research methods has been compiled in our permanent apparatus in the CUL.

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