Doctorate and Post-Doctorate

Every month, the group of doctoral and post-doctoral students at the study program meets for professional and personal exchange - and of course, additional discussions take place in between. The topics are all structured around the question of a sustainable energy supply, so that there is a wealth of expertise in this area in the group.

Current dissertations

Ongoing promotions supervised by Prof. Dr. Pao-Yu Oei

Name Thema
Imane Boukhatem Green hydrogen partnerships: potential and injustices for the energy transition in MENA region: Algeria case study
Isabell Braunger "Deep incumbency"– Analysis of the German Coal Phase-Out. HBS-Scholarship
Felipe Corral-Montoya Analyzing the Political Economy of Coal Extraction in Developing Countries
Marina Blohm The transition towards 100% renewable energy systems in the MENA region (Co-Supervision)
Franziska Dettner State-of-art external cost modelling in the broader valuation context (Stipendium: EKSH) (Co-Supervision)
Katharina Esterl Methods to reduce the Complexity for Multicriteria Optimization of Energy System Models
Ilja-Valentin Sagvosdkin Barrieren und Potenziale für kohärente Degrowth Police Mixes 
Jonathan Hanto Analysing technical and economic aspects of decentralized energy systems and sector coupling in the context of a just energy transition
Philipp Herpich Decarbonization of the heating sector – A model-based approach
Martha Hoffmann Optimierung und Planung dezentraler Energiesysteme unter Berücksichtigung sozialer Faktoren und Verteilungsgerechtigkeit, RLS-Scholarship
Marius Koepchen The transformation of the energy system examined from the perspective of feminist research
Alexandra Krumm Enabling a Just Energy System Transition – Analysing socio-economic as well as technical challenges and opportunities in Germany
Grace Quiceno Soto Drivers and barriers to adopting innovation in the electricity power sector, Colombian Scholarship
Yudha Irmansyah Siregar Accelerating net-zero emissions in Indonesia’s energy sector: participatory energy planning and smart energy system (Co-Supervision)
Nora Stognief Wie weiter nach der Kohle? Eine inter- und transdisziplinäre Betrachtung von Chancen und Herausforderungen für die Lausitz und andere Regionen, DBU-Scholarship
Darius Sultani Unleashing the green industrial transition: Policy instruments for the deep decarbonisation of European industry, SDW-Scholarship
Henning Thiesen System Costs in Future European Power Systems due to the Provision of Synchronous and Synthetic Inertia (Co-Supervision)
Paula Walk Examining Drivers and Barriers of a Just and Timely Energy Transition, HBS-Scholarship
Tim Weishaupt Career Pathways in Sustainability Transitions - Exploring the early career experience of individuals in Schleswig-Holstein
Francesco Witte Auslegung und Simulation wärmetechnischer Anlagen (Co-Supervision)
Paola Yanguas-Parra Addressing distributional impacts of climate policy at the local level: the key to a successful energy system transformation in carbon intensive regions

Ongoing promotions supervised by Prof. Frauke Wiese

Name Thema
Hannes Bluhm Umweltbewertung von dezentralen, digitalen Energiegemeinschaften unter Berücksichtigung systemischer Effekte
Clara Büttner Optimal expansion and dispatch of flexibility options in future electricity grids
Luisa Cordroch Die Rolle von Suffizienz in der gerechten Ausgestaltung der Energiewende -eine Analyse auf Basis von Energieszenarien und -modellierung
Ilka Cussmann Facing planetary boundaries in energy system modeling (EKSH-Scholarship)
Christian Klemm Energy System Modelling for Urban Districts
Johannes Thema  Entwicklung eines Moduls zur Modellierung von Energiesuffizienz-Politikeffekten
Henning Thiesen System Costs in Future European Power Systems due to the Provision of Synchronous and Synthetic Inertia (Co-Supervision)

Ongoing promotions supervised by Prof. Dr. Olav Hohmeyer

Ken Aldonza Methodology for Design of 100% Renewable Energy Transition Pathways to Meet Small Island Developing States Transport and Electricity Objectives
Santiago Bautista A 100% renewable scenario for Venezuelan Power Generation Sector in 2050 and its costs
Marina Blohm The transition towards 100% renewable energy systems in the MENA region
Franziska Dettner State-of-art external cost modelling in the broader valuation context (Stipendium: EKSH)
Christian Fleischer The Role of Spatial Context in Energy System Models (Stipendium: EU Marie Curie)
Italo Flores Modelling a 100% renewable energy supply for Peru
Ben Gemsjäger Network analysis of high voltage distribution networks under the assumption of an increasing share of distributed and fluctuating generation
Samuel Glismann Organising Ancillary Services for Electric Power Systems
Andre Harewood Simulating the future 100% renewable energy supply system of Barbados (Stipendium: Barbados Schlarship)
Simon Hilpert Development, Application and Limitations of Open Energy System Analysis Approaches for Sustainable Energy Transformation
Shen Jie China’s Green Electricity Supply by 2050
Pitoon Juntip Possibility of Advanced-Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage for Thailand i a sustainable electricity scenario - based on German experience
Michel Köhler InfrastrukturrInfrastrukturrente und 100% regenerative Energieversorgungente
Alexander Kroggel Entwicklung eines vollautomatisierten Regelalgorithmus für die Steuerung einer 100% regenerativen Energieversorgung am Beispiel Barbados
Simon Laros Zahlungsbereitschaftsanalyse für konkurrierende Energiesystem-Technologien
Isalm Maruf Open Model-based Analyses of Highly Renewable and Sector-coupled Energy Systems (Stipendium: EU Marie Curie )
Herrmann Ossowski Power-to-Fuel - Szenarioanalysen zur Herstellung von flüssigen Kohlenwasserstoffen aus erneuerbaren Energiequellen und Direkt Air Capture zur Kraftstoffproduktion
Julia Schirrmacher Schlüsselakteure im kommunalen Klimaschutz
Susi Simarangkir Economic consequences of linking Indonesia to the EU-ETS, the AUS-CPM and BOCM/JCM
Clemens Wingenbach Open Source Energysystemmodellierung mit der Entwicklungsplattform OEMOF
Wu Zhongping Economic mechanism on air pollution (SOx, NOx, TSP)
– An analysis and a comparison between China and Germany 

Completed dissertations

Completed dissertations

Name Dissertation Jahr
Thomas Neumann The Impact of Green Entrepreneurship on Economic, Social, and Environmental Development 2023
Christian Hauenstein Addressing global coal supply for climate change mitigation - Modeling and policy analysis of the global coal sector 2023
Alexandra Lüth Offshore Energy Hubs as an Emerging Concept: Sector Integration at Sea (external reviewer) 2022
Nils Ohlendorf The political economy of energy Transitions (external reviewer) 2022
Karlo Hainsch European and German low-carbon energy Transition - Model-based identification of no-regret otions unter different types f uncertainty 2022
Ulf- Philip Müller Combined Optimization of Grid and Storage Expansion in the German Power System 2022
Lukas Wienholt Assessment of optimized flexibility utilization under consideration of preconditions regarding electricity market and power grid (preliminary title) 2021
Konstantin Löffler Quantifying effects of the global low-carbon Transition - Model-based analyses of upcoming challenges and opportunities 2021
Thorsten Burandt Decarbonizing the global energy System - Modelling global and regional transformation pathways with multi-sector energy system models 2021
Hanna Brauers Coal and natural gas lock-ins: Analysis of drivers and barriers of phase-outs to accelerate sustainability transitions 2021
Thomas Schröder Makroökonomische Bewertung von Wertschöpfungsverlusten aus Stromunterbrechungen in Deutschland - Eine regional differenzierte Betrachtung 2019
Marion Christ Integration sozial-ökologischer Faktoren in die Energiesystemmodellierung 2017
Sönke Bohm  Assessing the optimised spatial allocation of wind turbines in the German electricity system 2017
Andrea Herbst Kopplung eines makroökonomischen Modells mit einem "bottom-up" Energienachfrage-Modell für die Industrie - Eine Fallstudie für die Stahlindustrie 2017
Christoph Ipsen Mitverbrennung von Biobrennstoffen in zirkulierenden Wirbelschichtverbrennungen 2017
Sven Bernigau Eine Marketing-Strategie für nachhaltigere Biokraftstoffe in Deutschland - Ein Ansatz zur Verbesserung der Konsumentenakzeptanz? 2016
Noor Jamal A renewable electricity supply system in Pakistan by 2050 - Assessment of generation capacity and transmission system requirements             (Stipendium: DAAD) 2016
Malte Jansen Economics of control reserve provition by fluctuating renewable energy sources 2016
Agnes Schulz Ermittlung der Akzeptanz und der Zahlungsbereitschaft verschiedener Verbraucherklassen in Flensburg zum intelligenten Zählerwesen 2016
Theoneste Uhorakeye Modeling electricity supply options for Rwanda in the face of climate change 2016
Gesine Bökenkamp The Role of Norwegian Hydro Storage in Future Renewable Electricity Supply Systems in Germany: Analysis with a Simulation Model 2015
Sven Teske Bridging the gap between energy and grid models: Developing an integrated infrastructural planning model for 100% renewable energy systems in order to optimize the interaction of flexible power generation, smart grids and storage technologies 2015
Frauke Wiese renpass Renewable Energy Pathways Simulation System - Open Source as an approach to meet challenges in energy modeling 2015
Claus Hartmann Systemanalyse der CO2-Sequestrierung aus Biomasse-Heizkraftwerken (Bio-KWK-CCS) 2014
Holger Höfling Anreize für Investitionen in fluktuierende erneuerbare und konventionelle Erzeugungskapazitäten durch die Preissignale des Energy-Only-Marktes: eine modellbasierte Szenarioanalyse des deutschen Strommarktes 2014
Helge Maas Towards CO2eq-neutral Cities 2014
Aiko Vogelsang Mehrzieloptimierung von solarthermischen Parabolrinnenkraftwerken unter Berücksichtigung variabler Vergütungsschemata mit Hilfe technischer Auslegungsparameter 2014
David Fernando Mora Alvarez Large scale integration of renewable energy sources for power generation in Colombia: a sensible alternative to conventional energy sources ; scenario 2010 - 2050 2013
Dereje Senshaw Modeling and analysis of long-term energy scenarios for sustainable strategies of Ethiopia 2013
Ingrid Nestle The costs of climate change in the agricultural sector: a comparison of two calculation approaches 2012
Tom Trittin "No smoking": CO2-arme Stromerzeugung in einem nachhaltigen deutschen Energiesystem ein Vergleich der CO2-Vermeidungskosten von erneuerbaren Energiequellen und Carbon Capture and Storage 2012
Frank Püschel Identifikation und Bewertung des ökonomischen Energieeffizienz-Steigerungspotentials in grossen Anlagenbeständen von Bündelkunden 2011
Nicolay Herrmann Regional Energy 2050: A sustainability-oriented strategic backcasting for local utilities 2010
Martin Cames Emission Trading and Innovation in the German Electricity Industry 2009
Stefan Lechtenböhmer Zur Qualität nationaler Energie- und Emissionsprojektionen - Eine quantitative und hypothesenbasierte Analyse ihrer Genauigkeit am Beispiel der US-Energienachfrage- und Emissionsprojektionen der Jahre 1983 bis 2004 2008
Maike Sippel CDM im Rahmen von Nord-Süd-Städtepartnerschaften - Potenzial zur Reduktion von Transaktionskosten 2007
Narayan Prasad Chaulagain Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Nepal - The Physical and Socioeconomic Dimension 2006
Sigurd Weinreich Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Personenverkehr – eine quantitative Analyse unter Einbezug externer Kosten 2003



Name Titel Jahr
Kora Kristoff Verbreitung sozialer und technischer Innovationen 2009
Roland Menges Die Bereitstellung öffentlicher Umweltgüter 2005

Criteria list for cumulative dissertations

To download the criteria list for cumulative dissertations in the field of energy sciences please click the pdf-document attached below.

Please note, that this document is an unofficial translation of the senate resolution of May 11, 2022: