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Abteilung Energie & Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Abteilung für Nachhaltige Energiewende
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Curriculum vitae

Franziska Dettner studied Energy and Environmental Management at the University of Applied Sciences and the European University in Flensburg. As part of her studies, she spent two semesters abroad in China at Ningbo University, with a focus on International Trade and Management and the language Mandarin. During her bachelor internship, she worked as an Energy Officer at An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland in Dublin and wrote her thesis on policies and programmes to promote energy efficiency in the Irish housing sector. Her Master's thesis was on the external costs of fossil fuel energy production in Morocco. Since the beginning of 2019, Franziska has been working as a research assistant at the EUF, conducting interdisciplinary research in a wide range of projects on renewable energy system transformation - working on renewable energy system analysis, the water-energy nexus in Jordan and climate-just shipping on the North and Baltic Sea. 


  • Blohm, Marina, Dettner, Franziska, External cost of air pollution from energy generation in Morocco. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition, Volume 1, August 2021,
  • Hilpert, Simon, Dettner, Franziska, Al-Salaymeh (2020). Analysis of Cost-Optimal Renewable Energy Expansion for the Near-Term Jordanian Electricity System. Sustainability 202012(22), 9339;
  • Komendantova, Nadejda, Marashdeh, Leena, Ekenberg, Love, Danielson, Mats, Dettner, Franziska, Hilpert, Simon, Wingenbach, Clemens, Hassouneh, Kholoud, Al-Salaymeh, Ahmed (2020). Water-Energy Nexus: Addressing Stakeholder Preferences in Jordan. Sustainability 202012(15), 6168;

Supervised theses

  • Development of a tool for the pre-dimensioning of innovative propulsion systems for ships. Daniel José Camacho Thielepape, Masterthesis 2019 
  • Evaluation of technologies to reduce the emissions to air in shipping. Benjamin Klepsch, Masterthesis, 2019