The focus of cross-sectoral electricity grid modelling is on the technical and economic optimisation of the German energy system at a high geographical and temporal resolution, taking into account various flexibility options.

As part of the completed open_eGo and eGon research projects, open data models and tools for the cross-grid simulation and optimisation of the German electricity system were developed together with joint partners, taking into account the gas, heating and mobility sectors. The effects of the flexibilities resulting from the various sectors, e.g. flexible charging of electric vehicles, heat storage or electrolysis, as well as the effects of other electrical flexibilities such as demand side management or overhead line monitoring on grid and storage expansion requirements are being analysed.

All data models are published in accordance with open data guidelines on the Open Energy Platform, which was developed in cooperation with the EUF. The tools are available under open source licences on Github and are being further developed collaboratively.

Clara Büttner and Katharina Esterl are available as contact persons for the research focus on cross-sectoral electricity grid modelling.