Our research work is divided into three research foci. The FossilExit working group is headed by Prof. Dr. Oei., who is supported by Dr. Isabell Braunger and Dr. Marina Blohm. The research focus on energy sufficiency is headed by Prof. Dr. Wiese. Ilka Cussmann and Clara Büttner are in charge of the cross-sectoral electricity grid modeling research focus.

Integration into the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES)

The Department for Sustainable Energy Transition is part of the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES). The Center for Sustainable Energy Systems aims at researching, developing and implementing permanently environmentally and climate compatible energy systems and energy technologies. The research and development work of the center ranges from the details of individual technologies to the development of consistent target scenarios for 100% renewable energy supply systems or the elaboration of strategies to ensure fully climate compatible local or regional development.

The center is jointly supported by various professors from the European University and the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. It sees itself as an interdisciplinary research and development center that networks and bundles the special research and development experience of the participating professors and scientists in order to provide answers to the urgent questions of the necessary further development of our energy supply, especially against the background of man-made climate change.

The center is closely linked to the teaching in the Master's program in Energy and Environmental Management, as well as in the Bachelor's program in Energy Sciences (HS), and current research content makes up a large part of the content teaching.