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The future of European studies: teaching, research and international collaboration

TAL (Senatsraum)

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This international conference provides an opportunity for faculty and students at Europa Universität Flensburg (EUF) to debate, together with internationally renowned scholars, the future of European studies as a field of inter-disciplinary teaching, research and international collaboration. For the conference the EUF community is being joined by a delegation from the University of Limerick, as well as by guests from other partner institutions. The conference is structured around debates on key questions, which determine the scope and ambition of European studies: What constitutes the field of European studies? Can we integrate different notions of Europe (cultural, political, historical, economic, legal) in meaningful ways? How do we deal with inter- and multi-disciplinarity in teaching and research? Is there a market for academic degree programs in European studies? How can we adapt and reconfigure our existing academic offerings alone and in partnership? 

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TAL (Senatsraum)


Prof. Dr. Uwe Puetter (ICES)
Gebäude Tallin 1
Auf dem Campus 1b
24943 Flensburg

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