Workshop “Transnational class formation in Europe and beyond”


Globalization and transnationalization processes have deeply affected contemporary societies - not least within Europe, given European integration. This has raised the sociological question of to what extent and in which ways we might also observe a transnationalization of social classes. This workshop brings together a number of highly pertinent empirical and theoretical contributions on this issue from a variety of scholars and discusses the potential role of identities, practices and symbolic classifications for transnational class-making, whether in the context of EU institutions, intra-European or global forms of migration. In this way, the workshop aims to advance our understanding of current forms of group formation beyond nation-state borders. The workshop is organised as an online event by Karolina Barglowski (TU Dortmund) and Sören Carlson (EUF). Due to the event’s workshop character, it is not generally open to a wider audience, but interested colleagues are welcome to contact the organisers and ask for the Zoom details.