6th ICES Wasatia Lectures

"Political Reconciliation in South Africa, Germany, and Palestine"

 Wednesdays, 4-6 pm

Wasatia Lecture Room RIG 310/ (Approaches to Reconciliation and Conflict Resolution)

24.04.24 Intergroup Reconciliation: Beyond Guilt and Victimhood

Prof. Arie Nadler,

University of Tel Aviv

8.05.24 The Anatomy of Forgiveness

Prof. Joram Tarusarira

University of Groningen

15.05.24 The Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement: Peace but is there Reconciliation?

Prof. John Loughlin

University of Cambridge (UK)

29.05.24  Welcome and conversation with the New Cohort of PHD students in the Wasatia Graduate School, followed by a reception.  Vice President of the German Parliament, Ms. Aydan Özoğuz
05.06.24 Minority Women in the Digital Realm: From Harm to Resistance. Dr. Jody Metcalfe