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Kalender mit markiertem Termin

Hochschulweiter Kalender: Veranstaltungen und Termine

Dieser Kalender enthält alle akademischen und nicht-akademischen Veranstaltungen und Treffen an der Europa-Universität Flensburg.       

Levinas and the Real: Politics, Community, Religion

HEL 063

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The conference will bring together Levinas scholars working and writing in different linguistic spheres and academic disciplines and promote new interpretations of Emmanuel Levinas’s philosophy, which insist on its relevance in social-political empirical situations and, hence, emphasize its importance for a philosophical discourse that deals with practical situations, among others through a specific understanding of the idea of Europe, judaism, and peace.

The conference is organised in cooperation with ICES. It is funded by the DFG.

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HEL 063
Europa-Universität Flensburg
Gebäude Helsinki
Auf dem Campus 1a
PLZ / Stadt
24943 Flensburg


Pascal Delhom (EUF) und Annabel Herzog (University Haifa, Israel)

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