Student Representatives

Daniele Evans

Name: Daniele Evans

Age: 21 Years old

From: Mexico City, Mexico

Why did I choose this program? I've always been interested in the connection between how people’s values, experiences and ideas influence their view of the world in the hopes of understanding their actions.

Why Flensburg? I love traveling and getting to know new places like a local. I've lived in the US, Mexico, Canada and Argentina. I had no idea what to expect when I moved to Germany since I'd never even visited Europe before but I was pleasantly surprised by Flensburg. It's a very friendly, cute city and I feel at home here.

My favorite Place? Peppermint and Christiansenpark


Holly McCamant

Name: Holly McCamant

Age: 20 Years old

From: Minesota, USA

Why did I choose this program? There is only one program in Germany that I was able to find that combined political science and journalism that was entirely taught in English.

Why Flensburg? After spending a year abroad in Denmark, I didn’t want to leave and Germany was the most affordable option for studying. I also wasn’t too upset about the chance to experience a new culture and learn a new language. When I found that the one program I wanted was in Flensburg (the closest city to Denmark), I knew that I was going to make the cross continental move possible some way. 

My favorite Place? Migge’s Danish Bakery, or at the harbor after visiting there

Katia Micheli

Name: Katia Micheli

Age: 21 Years old

From: Trento (Italy)

Why did I choose this program? I truly appreciate how interdisciplinary this program is. it has helped me realize what areas of studies I enjoy learning the most. For those of you still insecure about your educational path like I was, having a wide-range of subjects will be of great benefit to you.

Why Flensburg? Flensburg offers an unique environment near the Danish border that reflects diversity, cultural cooperation and understanding in a small port city. There are no similarities to the Italian landscape or the weather that I am used to. Nevertheless, I have been charmed by the city's many beautiful characteristics. For example the sea, its people and the cold seaside breeze coming in from the harbour which has made this wonderful city feel like my second home.

My favorite place? Sitting at Hafenspitze before sunset

Lissi Rathgeber

Name: Lissi Rathgeber

Age: 21 Years old

From: Cologne, Germany

Why did I choose this program? I love the thought of being in contact with the world. I knew that I wanted to study in English. Even though I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, I did know what I did not want to do. European Cultures and Society combines all different subjects that I’m interested in and brings in new topics that I have never laid focus on but are now so interesting to deal with! For me it is a perfect combination of interdisciplinary topics and international colleagues.

Why Flensburg? I always liked the north of Germany. I had never been to Flensburg before I started my studies but now after one year of living there, I have completely fallen in love with this city! The people are funny and welcoming, cultural events take place for all different kinds of interest groups, the sea is close, the harbour is beautiful, and the size of the city is perfect to walk or cycle around without needing a car!

My favorite Place? The hidden streets in Jürgensby, the harbour at night (and day) and the path in between the garden plots behind Campus

Johanna Rübcke

Name: Johanna Rübcke

Age: 25 Years old

From: Hamburg

Why did I choose this program? I really like the interdisciplinary approach of this study program. It provides the chance to look into different subjects like politics, law, economics etc.. Moreover, it made me realize how important and special Europe is and that it is worth to learn more about it.

Why Flensburg? The size of Flensburg for studying is perfect. The proximity to the city, sea and campus saves a lot of time. I often run into people which makes it easier to settle in and it made me feel at home right away.

My favorite Place? Hafenspitze & Rote Straße

Clara Seeber

Name: Clara Seeber

Age: 20 Years old

From: Leipzig, Germany

Why did I choose this program? What drew my attention to the program was that it is still very new and that the students have a say in where it is developing to and how we can improve it. I also liked the idea of studying in an international environment, where everyone knows each other and has an interest in exchange and community. EUCS combines a lot of topics. I am mainly interested in the political and practical parts of the course and getting an overview of what keeps Europe moving.

Why Flensburg? Before coming here people told me: "you will study where others go on holiday". A more fitting sentence when looking back at the last year would be: you will study where you find a home.

My favorite Place? Kulturhof, Danish Library, enjoying the afternoon sun here 54°47'39.1"N 9°26'14.8"E

Stella Terjung

Name: Stella Terjung

Age: 20 Years old

From: Lüneburg

Why did I choose this program? There are many things I am interested in and this program combines them all, thanks to its multidiscipline nature. I love speaking foreign languages and have always had the urge to get to know other cultures and in addition to a lot of theoretical input, I really like the possibility of taking part in a Journalism course.

Why Flensburg? I enjoy living in small and pretty cities and I love the sea side – so Flensburg was the perfect choice for me.

My favorite place? Walking up the stairs "St.Jürgen-Treppe" to watch the sun going down over the Förde from the viewpoint