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07/10/2024 712 KB (PDF)

1.      The apostille is exclusively issued in Kiel by the Ministry of the Interior in Schleswig-Holstein (

2.      For the obtaining of an apostille, this university needs to submit to the Ministry of the Interior a "pre-certification" based on the documents in need of an apostille. The competence to initiate this pre-certification is in the hands of Mr. Dierk Hansen (Zulassungsstelle). In order to do this pre-certification, some documents are necessary:

a.      The original documents to be certified, that is the original final certificates of your studies, OR

b.      Copies of the final certificates of your studies sent to Mr. Hansen directly by the examinations office, AND

c.       proof of payment of the fee for pre-certification. Since ALL pages of the documents are to be provided with a preliminary certification, the amount of the fees to be paid depends on the number of pages (5.00 Euro/page).

The fees are to be paid when the pre-certification is collected.

If the documents are to be sent by post, a notification to pay the fees will be sent in advance. In this case, the pre-certification will be made and dispatched only after the reception of the payment of the fees has been confirmed by the finance department of this university.

The Europa-Universität Flensburg does not accept any liability for any lost or misplaced documents sent by post.

For the recognition of the apostille abroad, it may also be necessary to subsequently subject it to the Apostille of the Federal Administration Office in Germany – the so-called final certification.

This depends on the law of the country in which the documents are to be submitted. It is the responsibility of the student to investigate which kind of apostille is needed in their specific case.

The Europa-Universität is only responsible for issuing the "pre-certification" to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior in Kiel, for them to produce the apostille.