Student Representatives

Johanna Rübcke

Name: Johanna Rübcke

Age: 24 Years old

From: Hamburg

Why did I choose this program? I really like the interdisciplinary approach of this study program. It provides the chance to look into different subjects like politics, law, economics etc.. Moreover, it made me realize how important and special Europe is and that it is worth to learn more about it.

Why Flensburg? The size of Flensburg for studying is perfect. The proximity to the city, sea and campus saves lot of time. I often run into people which makes it easy to settle in and it made me feel at home right away.

Favorite Place? Hafenspitze & Rote Straße

Stella Terjung

Name: Stella Terjung

Age: 20 Years

From: Lüneburg

Why did I choose this program? There are many things I am interested in and this program combines them all, thanks to its multidiscipline nature. I love speaking foreign languages and have always had the urge to get to know other cultures and in addition to a lot of theoretical input, I really like the possibility of taking part in a Journalism course.

Why Flensburg? I enjoy living in small and pretty cities and I love the sea side – so Flensburg was the perfect choice for me.

My favorite place? Walking up the stairs "St.Jürgen-Treppe" to watch the sun going down over the Förde from the viewpoint

Katharina Vollmer

Name: Katharina Vollmer

Age: 20 Years old

From: Gütersloh, NRW

Why did I choose this program? For me, it was the best way to study an international, European oriented program with the ability to gain practical knowledge in the field of journalism.

Why Flensburg? I always wanted to live close to the sea. When I came across this program right by the Baltic sea, it was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Favorite Place? The farmers market at the Südermarkt every Wednesday and Saturday and the sports center with its great variety of courses.