Elected Fachschaft 2019/20

Clara Seeber

Name: Clara Seeber

From: Leipzig, Germany

Why did I choose this program? What drew my attention to the program was that it is still very new and that the students have a say in where it is developing to and how we can improve it. I also liked the idea of studying in an international environment, where everyone knows each other and has an interest in exchange and community. EUCS combines a lot of topics. I am mainly interested in the political and practical parts of the course and getting an overview of what keeps Europe moving.

Why Flensburg? Before coming here people told me: "you will study where others go on holiday". A more fitting sentence when looking back at the last year would be: you will study where you find a home.

My favorite Place? Kulturhof, Danish Library, enjoying the afternoon sun here 54°47'39.1"N 9°26'14.8"E


Katia Micheli

Name: Katia Micheli

From: Trento (Italy)

Why did I choose this program? I truly appreciate how interdisciplinary this program is. it has helped me realize what areas of studies I enjoy learning the most. For those of you still insecure about your educational path like I was, having a wide-range of subjects will be of great benefit to you.

Why Flensburg? Flensburg offers an unique environment near the Danish border that reflects diversity, cultural cooperation and understanding in a small port city. There are no similarities to the Italian landscape or the weather that I am used to. Nevertheless, I have been charmed by the city's many beautiful characteristics. For example the sea, its people and the cold seaside breeze coming in from the harbour which has made this wonderful city feel like my second home.

My favorite place? Sitting at Hafenspitze before sunset


Ricarda Neehuis

Name:  Ricarda Neehuis

From: Citizen of the world, born in Germany

Why did I choose this program? I was searching for cultural science studies. However, most programs were too narrow in their offerings.

Why Flensburg? I knew Flensburg from visits in my childhood but did not remember it being that beautiful. When I got accepted and searched for a place to live, I knew that it is where I wanted to live.

My favorite Place? Driving out all the way to Sonwik and staring at the water.


Nicoline Meisl

Name: Nicoline Meisl

From: Düsseldorf, Germany

Why did I choose this program? I chose this study program because I like that it entails so many different fields and you can find out what you are interested in while you are studying instead of having to choose right at the beginning of your studies. Also, I like that the study program is in English.

Why Flensburg? I didn't really choose Flensburg; it was the city that offered the study program. But now that I am here I like that it is close to the sea and Denmark, and it is a nice experience not to live in a big city.

My favorite place? Any place close to the water.


Michelle Leichum

Name: Michelle Leichum

From: Mombasa, Kenya

Why did I choose this program? I chose this program because I'm interested in the the way the EU functions and how much it truly affects its Member States. I also really appreciate how interdisciplinary it is because my interests are wide ranging and this course allows me to indulge in that. I believe that an interdisciplinary course such as this allows you to analyse issues through different perspectives allowing for more well-rounded problem solving skills.

Why Flensburg? I chose Flensburg because I wanted to live by the sea and I found it to be a charming little city. I thought it would make it easier to meet people, which can be quite hard in big cities, and I was right. People are friendly and it's easy to feel a sense of community over here.

My favourite place? the Hafen at sunset and the Hafenküche.


Brian Alex

Name: Brian Alex

From: Hamburg, Germany

Why did I choose this program? This probably comes up a lot: I knew I wanted to study something in the field of European Studies. And preferably in English. That already narrows down the choices quite a bit. And because I am interested in so many different things, the interdisciplinarity really spoke to me.

Why Flensburg? Well, this choice basically went along with the study program. Being from a big city, I didn't really expect much going into it. But now I really enjoy this city because it is surpringly international for such a small place. And the benefit of a smaller city is also that you always find tons of cool people to go out with and places to go to very close to you.

My favorite Place? Tonis Pizza, for sure.