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Aus der Traum? Contours of a Future Europe (talk in German)


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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wertheimer, University of Tübingen will give the last lecture in the Literature and Cultural Studies Colloquium in the fall semester of 2022/23. He lecture - given in German - is on the topic "Aus der Traum? Konturen eines Europas der Zukunf."

Not only the bitter experience of the Ukraine war, but also the dominance behavior of other large countries or countries that feel large have increasingly put Europe on the defensive. The former colonizer of the world has become an unstable product of disintegration. What can we do to stop or perhaps even reverse this fatal process?

Professor Wertheimer's lecture takes place in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies.

The Literature and Cultural Studies Colloquium is a semester-long lecture and discussion series. Unless otherwise noted, lectures are held in hybrid format (online/in person).

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All interested parties are cordially invited to attend.


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