Press releases of Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF)

Schleswig-Holstein Awarded Silver and Bronze at the Mathematics Olympiad

EUF mathematics professors lead successful team

With 170,000 participating students, the Mathematics Olympiad is the largest mathematical student competition in Germany. 2022 was its 61st iteration. An 11-member team from Schleswig-Holstein traveled to Magdeburg for this year's national finals, which took place from May 15 to 18. Grouped according to grade (8th-12th grade), each participant had to solve three tasks in two four-and-a-half-hour exams.

Beautiful successes

Two weeks before the Olympics, Schleswig-Holstein students attended a training camp organized and run by the Department of Mathematics at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The Schleswig-Holstein team had some nice successes in Magdeburg. "We are especially happy about the silver medal won by 8th grader Merle Hahn of Kronshagen Gymnasium, and the bronze medal achieved by 12th grader Finnley Paolella, also from Kronshagen Gymnasium. We would also like to highlight the two recognition awards that went to Navid Islam (grade 10) and Joost Magnus Möllmann (grade 12)," explains Dr. Philipp Lampe from the Department of Mathematics.

Dr. Christian Hercher (EUF) and Jochen Carow (Neumünster) accompanied the team as heads of delegation. Prof. Uwe Leck and Dr. Philipp Lampe from EUF were part of the competition management team that evaluated the students' solutions.

Two years from now, the national round of the Mathematics Olympiad will be held at EUF in Flensburg.