Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht
Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht

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Europa-Universität Flensburg in the Media

Debate Over Removal of the "Primavera" Sculpture

Since July 21, 2023, Europa-University Flensburg has been in the media spotlight. The reason for this is the removal of Fritz During's "Primavera" sculpture from the foyer of the Oslo building in early March, as well as a rainbow-colored question mark that has been standing on the base of the sculpture for some time. The question mark was placed there by an unidentified individual and is not, in the eyes of the university, a substitute for the sculpture.

Connection between the figure and its location

The removal of the sculpture followed discussions within the university's Equality and Diversity Committee. Questions were raised about the appropriateness of placing the sculpture, a figurative representation of a female body, in such a prominent location within the university. The connection between the figure and its location was scrutinized, not the figure itself.

Position of the Art Department at EUF

Different perspectives on this issue were sought, including a statement from EUF's Art Department in May 2022, which noted: "Hence, we recommend displaying the sculpture (a solid artistic piece representative of its time and context) on the EUF campus, but in a less central location."

Room for discussion starting in fall 2023

The female figure's removal from the foyer and the subsequent appearance of the question mark on its base have now sparked a public debate. The Präsidium of EUF regrets having removed the sculpture from the foyer without prior discourse. Consequently, the sculpture will be made publicly accessible again starting in the fall semester of 2023. Additionally, an opportunity for a broader discussion will be created, and dialogue within the university's various bodies and boards will be resumed.